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Your Hair Removal Options This Summer!



Your Hair Removal Options This Summer!

A few tips to keep you looking great during those long, hot days.



Hair removal is a big concern if you plan to hit the beach or splash in the pool this summer. Here are the main methods, with some helpful tips:

Halawa, a paste of sugar, water and lemon, removes hair at the root, leaving skin very smooth for two to six weeks, depending on the individual.

Tips: During the summer, leave halawa on the stove for an extra few minutes to let more water evaporate so the halawa wont melt in your hands. Before using halawa, dust your skin with talcum powder to keep it dry. Afterwards, soothe irritation with ice.

Epilators are hand-held mechanical devices that pull even very short hair out at the root. The result is smooth skin that lasts for two to six weeks.

Tips: Rub your skin to lift short hairs, then pull the skin taut while guiding the epilator against the direction of hair growth. The epilator should be at a 90-degree angle to your skin. Hair comes out easier after bathing, but make sure your skin is completely dry before epilating. You can use a gentle moisturizing cream afterwards.

Depilatory creams chemically break down the hair, but only at the skin’s surface, not at the root. These creams are quick, painless and can remove very short hairs. Hair grows back in a few days. Please note that with this particular method, you are adding chemicals to your skin so this may not be your best or regular choice.

Tip: Before using the cream, test it on a tiny patch of skin to see if it will cause any irritation.

Shaving is a fast, painless way of removing even the shortest hair. Hair grows back in a few days.

Tips: Hair is softer and easier to shave when it’s been wet for a few minutes, so shower first, then shave.

Shaving cream or soap helps the razor glide easily over your skin. Shave legs in long strokes against the hair direction, but shave the bikini line in the direction of hair growth to minimize irritation.

Waxing is a form of semi-permanent hair removal which removes the hair from the root. New hair will not grow back in the previously waxed area for four to six weeks, although some people will start to see regrowth in only a week due to some of their hair being on a different growth cycle.

Almost any area of the body can be waxed, including eyebrows, face, pubic area (called bikini waxing), legs, arms, back, abdomen and feet. There are many types of waxing suitable for removing unwanted hair.

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