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Your Baby’s Guests



Your Baby’s Guests

Nothing gives more pleasure or causes more stress than the arrival of a newborn baby! Many moms-to-be worry a lot about how to prepare for the arrival of their new baby. So many things need to be considered and one of the most important is finding the most convenient way to receive excited guests. Whether you decide on receiving your guests during your hospital stay right after your delivery, or in the comfort of your own home some time after, one cannot overlook the importance of being prepared.

Regardless of how or when you are going to receive your guests, you can try to organize getting gifts. Prepare a list of things you need and tell people who ask, or make a gift list at a particular store and spread the word – and don’t be embarrassed, times have changed, family and friends will realize that you are not being mercenary; you’re just showing a bit of common sense!


The baby shower

One great idea is to arrange a baby shower, which is typically thrown before the baby is born, usually a couple of weeks or a month before baby is due. Organizing such an event ahead of time will undoubtedly make things trouble-free and less demanding, especially if you already have older children and other responsibilities. Keep the baby shower simple and enjoy this special day with close friends and family.


The welcoming shower (subu’u)

If you are not comfortable with the idea of having a celebration before the baby’s arrival, you can have a “welcoming shower,” (known in Egypt as a subu’u), traditionally exactly one week after the baby is born. Nowadays, not all people stick to that exact day. You can choose a day to hold the subu’u at your convenience, whether a couple of weeks or even a month later.

This is also a smart idea because you get to receive most of your guests at one time, especially if you want to include family and friends coming from out of town. Make sure to spread the word so that most of the people who want to come know well in advance of the day you have chosen.

You will need some assistance. Don’t try to do everything alone, you won’t be able to cope. Accept the loving support offered by family and friends.


A brunch some months later

Some new moms are not ready to see people right after they have had their baby. They may be finding the experience a bit overwhelming, may be suffering from baby blues, or have an extra colicky baby that is difficult to handle. Other mothers are not prepared to host any guests until they feel they look more or less fit again. They may be more comfortable when they have shed a few of those extra kilos and don’t look exhausted. These feelings of anxiety usually subside after several weeks, especially with the understanding and support from your husband and friends.

It is best for these moms to wait for a couple of months when they feel more in control of themselves again. You can politely pass the word around that you are not yet ready to have people come over, and that you will have a brunch for everyone when you are ready. Have your closer friends and family explain the situation nicely. When you are ready, you can hold a brunch and invite people that wanted to share that special moment with you. You can also have your friends spread the word around that anyone who wanted to congratulate you is welcome on this day to join!


It may seem like a lot of work, but having your baby and celebrating your baby’s arrival is an experience that you will never forget, and will definitely look forward to again. Remember there is no “right way,” and the rules aren’t carved in stone, so whatever you decide on doing is entirely up to you, bearing in mind what suits you and your family.

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