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What to Expect When You’re Expecting Twins?!


expecting twins


What to Expect When You’re Expecting Twins?!


Tips for parents expecting twins

1. Be smart when it comes to baby shopping.

    Now that you are expecting twins, you need to prepare your list and abuse sales in the stores. I remember I used to wait for my favorite stores to go on sale so I can get my babies all that they need with good bargains.


2. Not every new toy has to be an individual toy.

    Try to get toys that match both tastes and interests. In my case, having a boy and a girl, there is no option of sharing when it comes to dolls or cars but there are other games that can be enjoyed by both.


3. Don’t get tempted to buy everything in the world for the babies.

    The baby brands’ marketers are doing a very good job making us wrongly believe that we can’t live without their products. Truth is I fell for that trap, but after I gave birth I discovered that I didn’t need to get all those gadgets.


4. Be careful when choosing the baby stroller.

    My husband and I (mostly him) did an extensive research about the twin strollers. Don’t go for the fancy but rather for the simple, light and small ones. The heavier the babies get, the more challenging it is to maneuver the stroller.


5. Accept the fact that you are having both children at once instead of one after another.

    Actually having twins has its own merits as you encounter things like pregnancy and labor just once.


6. Seek help because there are times when you will not be able to do it all alone especially the first few months.

    I have the most helpful mother ever; I stayed with her for the first 5 months and she was the greatest support. She helped me with the babies and took care of all my needs during my stay.


7. The husband’s role is much more amplified when he is a father of twins.

    I guess if I was blessed with only one baby, I wouldn’t have needed his help that much, but now that they are two he supports me in many things especially when we go out because without a nanny it is almost impossible.


8. Look for things to make your life better and easier.

    Again my husband supports me on that big time, for example we bought all the needed safety items for the house to ensure that when I am home alone with them, I don’t need to have additional pressure.


9. For the mother I would advise if she can let go of her job for the first few years.

    This might really be of great help because taking care of kids and a career even if someone is helping you just drains you and you will enjoy neither of them.


10. Mummies need to find a hobby or revive an old hobby.

     At times of real stress and pressure you will really appreciate these little moments you spend doing something you love.


11. Think twice before you consider a nanny; nannies are not magical creatures.

    They have their own problems and issues and sometimes they even add more pressures. I tried them once and I was not happy at all with the experience. No matter how much they show they care, no one cares about your kids as much as you do so weigh the pros and cons of having one and then decide whether to go for it or not.


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Diana Farid

Diana is a wife and a mother of twin babies who is inspired by music, nature and daily life interactions. She uses her passion for writing to capture special moments, replace pain with laughter, and inspire others. She is a feature writer for several publications in Egypt and the Gulf; through her Twin Mummy’s Diary she shares her thoughts, experiences and helpful tips as she goes us through the roller coaster ride called motherhood, with its challenges and joys.

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