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Watch Out For Potential Baby Hazards Around Your Home!


baby proofing your home

Watch Out For Potential Baby Hazards Around Your Home!

There are some basic rules that can enable you to notice potential hazards that may not be apparent:

  • Electrical outlets: your baby is bound to get curious if they see an electrical outlet. Babies can stick their fingers or other small objects into the outlet and get an electric shock. To avoid this, you can either buy a cover for the outlets or use electrical tape to seal them shut. Some parents prefer using tape because some outlet covers can easily be removed and choked on.
  • Drawers: open drawers are tempting for babies to use as ladders, so make sure that you always keep them firmly shut.
  • Heavy objects: objects like television sets, bookcases and microwaves are heavy and could fall on the baby if they’re trying to climb on something. Bolt all heavy objects to the wall; this includes heavy furniture, too.
  • Bathroom: lower the general heat in your heater so that the baby won’t get burned if they turn on the tap. Furthermore, use a safety lock on your toilet lid so your baby won’t try to climb inside. When your baby is taking a bath, never leave them unattended even if you’re just going to answer the door; babies can easily drown in very little amounts of water.
  • Products: any cleaning products, chemicals or even medications can be tempting for babies to taste. To avoid this, lock up all the products in cupboards so that your baby won’t see them and get tempted. Even when you’re using them to clean, keep them at a level out of the baby’s reach.
  • Kitchen: keep knives, appliances, pots and pans and anything else that may be hazardous locked up so that your baby can’t get to them. You’d be surprised at how babies manage to reach items if they aren’t locked up.
  • Sharp edges: use bumpers on the edges of tables and other furniture items so that your baby doesn’t bump into them and get hurt.
  • Wires: keep wires out of reach so your baby doesn’t chew them.
  • Gates: install gates wherever needed. You can install them to stop the baby from entering certain rooms or from accessing stairways.


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