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The Many Uses of Storage Boxes


storage boxes

The Many Uses of Storage Boxes

Storage boxes with creative decorative designs are extremely appealing and create a feeling of nostalgia. You can choose from floral designs, stripes or polka dots.

You can use this kind of additional storage where space is limited. A storage box can add an unexpected design element to your room décor.

    • Create a small corner with several storage boxes of varying sizes stacked on top of each other, offset with a tall potted plant and a floor lamp.


    • Store magazine collections.


    • Keep photo collections from being lost or ruined.


    • You can use a small single storage box on a bookcase shelf, end table or coffee table to keep extra wires and chargers.


    • Arrange 3 or 4 boxes of the same size but matching colors and designs on a bookshelf or your bookcase and it will take hundreds of small items (keys, batteries, scents, candles,…etc).
    • Collect art and crafts supplies and store in one place.


    • Loose office supplies and stationery can be contained in storage boxes for easy use and access.


    • Collect small toys or books in your child’s bedroom; the ideas, colors and designs are unlimited. It is also useful in the early days of your child’s life when you need to move things around a lot.


The main objective when choosing this design element is to make certain whatever you select fits into the overall room design. For instance, a very formal room featuring a traditional design with muted colors of gold and brown wouldn’t necessarily serve as a good backdrop for colorful Victorian floral storage boxes. However, if you chose to use dark and medium leather boxes with antiqued metal strips and tacks, then you would have a valuable addition to your room’s décor.

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