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Simple Activities to Entertain Your Child at Home




Simple Activities to Entertain Your Child at Home


For most children, the words ‘fun’ and ‘home’ don’t seem to mix. For them, having fun implies going out, and staying home means being glued to the television or the computer. Bringing fun home needs a little imagination, but is not impossible. Try some of our ideas, and have some fun with your kids!


Kitchen Fun

The kitchen can be a main source of fun, with your strict supervision, of course. Your children will enjoy helping you prepare breakfast. For example, they can mix pancake batter or beat egg mixes. Show them how to cut out different shapes from toast with pastry cutters and spread it with their favorite spreads. If is a guaranteed method of getting them to gobble up breakfast enthusiastically.


Preparing jell-o is also a fun kitchen activity for kids. Encourage them to choose different colors to mix together and which fruits to add. The instruction on cake mixes are also easy for kids to follow. After the cake is out of the oven, invite your kids to decorate it for special occasions, choose their own toppings.


One of the main advantages of kitchen fun is that you and your child do things together, allowing you to spend some quality time with one another.


Show Time

If your child enjoys drawing or painting, encourage him to draw many pictures over a set period of time with the goal of eventually holding an exhibit for him at home. Mount his pictures on colored cardboard and invite a few close family members to view your child’s display. The same can be done with children talented in music or dance. Practice will be fun if they know that they will hold a show on a set date. If your child has a very vivid imagination, suggest that he writes out a short play, which you, and perhaps his younger siblings can act out with him. Again, family members and friends will be glad to serve as the audience.


These types of activities will not only advance your children’s talents, but will also improve their organizational skills and self-confidence.


Arts and Crafts

Try organizing different arts and crafts projects for your children. Here are some ideas that are both east to execute and rewarding at the same time.


Puppet Fun:

Your child will need: an old sock, two large buttons, one small button, colored wool, glue stick, and a pair of scissors. Read the following directions to your child:

  1. Glue onto the old sock two large buttons to make eyes and the small button as a nose.
  2. Cut a piece of the wool and glue it on as a mouth. Try different mouth shapes like a frown or a smile.
  3. Evenly cut out pieces of the wool to make hair for the puppet and glue it on the top of the sock. Again, different characters can have different hair styles and colors.


Encourage your children to hold a puppet show with the various characters that they have created.


Badge Mania:

Your child will need: white cardboard paper, felt-tip pends, safety pins, a pair of scissors, pastry cutters, tape.

  1. On the white cardboard paper, demonstrate to your child how to trace different shapes using pastry cutters and cut them out. They will enjoy trying different shapes and sized.
  2. Now comes the fun part! Have your child draw a design onto the cut-out shapes with the felt-tip pens. He can draw a friend, a pet, or just stick to creative patterns using different colors.
  3. Help your child turn the badge over and tape it onto the safety pin. The badge is now ready for anyone to wear.


These badges can be made for very close friends or to indicate membership in any club. They are also great giveaways at birthday parties with children’s names written on them.


Card Times:

Your child will need: colored cardboard paper, assorted items for decoration, felt-tip pens, a pair of scissors, glue stick. Show your child how to follow these instructions:

  1. Cut out the colors cardboard paper into a suitable size for greeting cards and fold the card into two.
  2. To decorate the card from the outside, use different colored chocolate wrappers, old or town birthday party decorations, pieces of remaining cloth or material, or any other colored paper. Create the design based on the occasion for which the card will be made. Pictures can also be drawn directly onto the card.
  3. After the colors and glue dry, the message can be written inside the card. Younger children might need adult help in spelling.


These cards are a great way for children to amuse themselves to appreciate the value of personal presents. Your child can also design special cards as invitations to his next birthday party.


These simple activities will enhance your child’s imagination and creativity, while also keeping him or her entertained for hours at home, without resorting to the television of the computer.

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