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Preterm Labor


Preterm Labor

What is Preterm Labor?

Premature labor is labor that occurs in a pregnancy less than 37 weeks.


Who’s at risk?

• Pregnancies in girls under 15.

• Pregnancies in women over 35.

• Women who smoke heavily (more than 10 cigarettes per day).

• Drug abuse.

• Women who work in stressful situations, particularly strenuous manual work.

• Women with a history of preterm labor (1 in 4 chance of recurrence, as opposed to a 1 in 10 chance of having a preterm labor if there is no history).

• Other factors, related to an expectant mother’s health, are known as maternal obstetric factors, and include: diabetes, cervical incompetence (a by-product of diabetes), multiple pregnancies, polyhydraminous pregnancies (pregnancies where there is a lot of fluid in the amniotic sac), any anomalies that may cause a large fetus, and RH factor anomalies.


*Ask your doctor if he thinks you may be at risk.

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