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“Pregnancy A to Z” Online Course


“Pregnancy A to Z” Online Course


Twenty five years ago, since 1995 to be precise, Mother & Child started disseminating valuable information about family well-being through many different platforms; starting with its printed magazine, then digital website and YouTube channel and last but not least its social media platforms on Facebook & Instagram.

Today, we offer our valuable audience a new medium for sharing trusted family care advice through online courses; and we kicked it off with “Pregnancy A to Z” course.

We chose to start off with the topic of pregnancy because it’s an exciting journey full of transformations and puzzling questions. Throughout the course, we will accompany all mothers-to-be in every step of the way and provide them with all the information and tips they need. They will find the answers to all their questions about pregnancy.

In “Pregnancy A to Z” online course, we covered almost all the topics that might interest expecting mothers; including marital & sexual relationship during pregnancy, what to pack for themselves and the baby in the hospital bag, as well as how to get ready to welcome their newborn.

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When designing and creating our course, we bore in mind that pregnancy is a unique experience that varies from one woman to another, and that the first pregnancy can differ from the second and third pregnancies for the same woman. Therefore, we created a section for all the problems that pregnant women might face together with a list of suggested solutions. And this, from our point of view, is what makes our course very special; rendering it not only useful for first time mothers-to-be but all pregnant women in general.

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We hope our “Pregnancy A to Z” online course answers all your queries about the exciting journey of pregnancy!

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