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MOVE Foundation for Children With Cerebral Palsy


MOVE Foundation for Children With Cerebral Palsy

The Mother & Child team recently paid a visit to the MOVE Foundation for Children with Cerebral Palsy with the hope to create awareness and shed the light on children with Cerebral Palsy, the third most common disability after Down’s Syndrome and Autism.

The MOVE Foundation for Children with Cerebral Palsy is a non-profit organization, registered with the Ministry of Social Solidarity in the Arab Republic of Egypt. The MOVE Center is one of the most significant initiatives of the organization – focusing on improving the health and nutritional services targeting disabled children. The center went operational in Egypt in 2004, and seeks to scale up the lives of children suffering from Cerebral Palsy (CP) in Egypt. Although CP is incurable, it can be successfully managed through early intervention.

“We have around 350,000 children with CP in Egypt. It’s a multiple disability that ranges from mental disability to physical disability and differs from one child to another according to the magnitude of the disability,” stated Dr. Hanaa Helmy, Founder of MOVE Foundation.


The center endeavors to improve the overall quality of life for disabled children and those who care for them. The MOVE Center promotes the idea of larger engagement in life at home, school, work and society to foster the feelings of dignity and hope such engagement can bring to each person.


The MOVE program is concerned with helping disabled children suffering from severe disabilities gain the skills that will allow them to sit, stand and walk. This is done through education and special equipment to help disabled children move independently. The center has graduated many children from its program and has mainstreamed them into the public school system or private educational centers.

“The center serves around 40 children with different levels of disabilities. We have children attending the center part time with their regular schools, which we work with to follow up on the child’s progress” added Dr. Helmy.



Through customized programs for each child, the MOVE Center enables children to receive excellent growth experiences which assist them in developing cognitive, fine motor, gross motor, social, self-help and sensory skills. Children between the ages of two and twelve years old receive a number of services at the center, including physiotherapy, occupational and speech/language therapy, augmentative communication through the use of computers and other hand held devices, and adaptive physical education. Through a combination of physical and arts-infused education, children receive quality one-to-one care.

“There are many educators with Cerebral Palsy; a couple of Congressmen in the U.S. have Cerebral Palsy. You can live a normal life if you are borderline CP patient, depending on where you are on the spectrum” explained Dr. Helmy.


MOVE aims to be a hub for CP in Egypt and the region, as the first point of information. MOVE is available to address CP for those who can pay and welcomes donations to support those who can not pay.


For more information, contact  MOVE Foundation.


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