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Mother & Child Celebrates 20 Years of Success & 2 Million Fans!




Mother & Child Celebrates 20 Years of Success & 2 Million Fans!

For 20 years, Mother & Child has been the leading source of invaluable easily accessible and free of charge information to families of any economic class, education or particular circumstance in Egypt. Since 1995, Mother & Child has been dedicated to providing essential content about pregnancy, parenting, child care, health, nutrition, women’s well-being, relationships and home management, using numerous methods of communication to disseminate information that has been sourced through trustworthy experts and inspiring writers.

Mother & Child has celebrated digitally with its Facebook fans, who have recently crossed the 2 million mark, and everyone who was part of this journey of success with online ‘Before and After posts’ of children and mothers who appeared on the covers of their magazines, ‘Thank You’ posts for our experts, writers, contributors, past and present team members, sponsors and advertisers as well as showcasing our history and how it all started. Mother & Child also shared photos of our numerous Mother’s Day events over the years and launched a competition for our fans on Facebook to share their experiences with the magazine and the ways in which they found it useful, with prizes from Fruttini Egypt and Sanosan for the most dramatic stories. You can follow Mother & Child’s digital celebration on hashtag #20_years_growing_stronger and at this link.

This happy occasion coincided with officially relaunching our bilingual website to continue spreading valuable information to families throughout Egypt and the region. Mother & Child is now fully digital and stronger than ever!

Mother & Child has also successfully concluded a crowdfunding campaign to create 100 Mother & Child videos aiming to involve the community in our efforts to provide valuable information to moms and families in Egypt. The educational videos will cover marriage, pregnancy, childbirth, parenting, health and more (in Arabic). These 100 videos will be our crowd’s contribution to the families we help.

Happy anniversary and congrats Mother & Child 🙂

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