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Maximize Storage Space In Your Child’s Room


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Maximize Storage Space In Your Child’s Room


Storage is always a problem in a child’s bedroom. Space has to be found for clothes, books and toys, which all accumulate rapidly as the child grows up.

Here are some tips to help you maximize storage space in your child’s room:

    • A wall-to-wall closet (plaquard) usually maximizes storage space because you can use the top half of the closet to store ‘out of season’ clothes or toys that your children have outgrown.


    • Closets with deep shelves are also more suitable than closets with a lot of hanging space because kids’ clothes usually need to be folded rather than hung.


    • When a child grows up and more hanging space is needed, some of the shelves can be taken out and a hanging pole inserted instead.


    • Sliding doors for closets are not that practical as it is difficult to see all the clothes at a glance. Likewise, drawers are not as practical as shelves. You may just need a couple of shallow ones for socks etc.


    • Additional shelving can be arranged around the walls of the room, where it will not interfere with traffic flow, window/s or the door. The shelves can be fitted on adjustable brackets so that their height can be increased as the child grows taller.


    • A long work surface is more practical than a desk as it will serve long term interests from crayoning and painting to homework and board games. Wipeable surfaces are essential for the worktops.


    • Don’t forget to utilize the space under the bed. A multitude of plastic kitchen boxes can be stored under the bed containing smaller items such as crayons, paints, puzzles etc. These boxes are easy for children to access, and most importantly clear away quickly after using them.


    • Window seats with storage space underneath can also add storage space in the room (the sponge seat cover can coordinate with other fabrics in the room).


    • Wall mounted large square cubicles are also a great solution for kids’ toys, books etc. A small desk can be built to fit underneath the cubicles, either facing the wall (directly underneath the cubicles) or coming out sideways from the wall (perpendicular to the cubicles).


  • Pocket holders are also great for kids’ storage and can be hung almost anywhere, on the backs of doors, inside closet doors etc.


Undoubtedly toys are the biggest source of clutter in kids’ rooms so it is worth spending a few hours organizing them. Put the toys in clear plastic containers according to categories such as dolls, cars, puzzles, board games etc. and label each container. Whatever organization you decide on encourage your kids to participate in determining the way items are sorted and labeled. Not only will they have a better sense of where things are, but they will also learn how important organization is.


By Suzie Nassar, Interior design consultant


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