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Living with Cerebral Palsy: Judy’s Inspirational Story of Hope



Living with Cerebral Palsy: Judy’s Inspirational Story of Hope

During Mother & Child’s team visit to the MOVE Foundation for Children with Cerebral Palsy (CP), with the hope to shed more light on CP, we were pleasantly surprised to meet Judy, one of the many children who receive treatment there. Her mother, Ghada, shared with us her daughter’s long journey with CP, from the moment Judy got diagnosed until today. She explains how her daughter was able to make huge improvements whether in communication or movement.

In the video below, one can only be in awe of Judy’s determination and strong will to beat cerebral palsy and better her quality of life. This only makes us feel more for CP patients who need all the emotional and financial support they can get.

MOVE aims to be a hub for CP in Egypt and the region, as the first point of information. MOVE is available to address CP for those who can pay and welcomes donations to support those who can not pay.

For more information, call MOVE on 01008654420
MOVE Foundation


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