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Keep Your Home Free of Negative Energy



Keep Your Home Free of Negative Energy

In our daily lives, it is common to refer to anything that shatters our mood or negatively affects our work flow as “negative energy”.

This type of energy may also affect our time management and productivity due to clutter. We need to clear our heads from mental clutter and our homes from physical clutter. It may seem hard to learn how to rid homes of negative energy, but with consistent effort and following very simple steps we can.

There are numerous ways to rid your home of negative energy. Start with these: 

  • Keep all faucets and drains in good working condition
  • Fix any leaks or drips
  • Make your bed each morning
  • Dispose of dead flowers and dried floral arrangements
  • Replace worn out equipment
  • Remove plants with pointy or sharp leaves
  • Keep drawers organized and free of clutter
  • Maintain appliances
  • Repair broken fixtures, locks, and doors
  • Keep bathroom doors closed at all times and opt for the largest mirrors possible
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Sherine Ezzeldin

Sherine Ezzeldin is an experienced Home Management coach who regularly offers workshops and courses dedicated to promoting a healthier lifestyle among Egyptian families.

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