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How to Stop a Cold From Spreading at Home




How to Stop a Cold From Spreading at Home

We all know how it begins; one member of the family catches a cold and suddenly the entire house is sneezing and coughing! But don’t worry; this winter you can stop this from happening and make sure the entire household is happy and healthy!

Enforce the Hand Washing Rule

The best way to prevent colds is by washing your hands regularly. Make sure all the members of the family wash their hands throughout the day, especially before and after eating and after using the bathroom. Teach your kids to use generous amounts of soap and to spend about 30 seconds or more washing their hands. Make sure they do this at school as well so they don’t bring germs home!

Avoid Touching Your Eyes, Nose & Mouth

Sometimes germs can be found on objects and surfaces like tables or doorknobs. While you can’t avoid touching these objects, you can still protect yourself by not touching your eyes, nose or mouth until you’ve washed your hands. That way, you protect yourself and those around you from contact with germs.

Cover Your Nose & Mouth

If you’re coughing or sneezing, make sure you turn away from others and cover your nose and mouth during, so you don’t transmit germs to others. If you’re going to use your hands and don’t have time to wash them, consider coughing into your arm to avoid spreading germs around.

Get Outside

If one member of the family is sick and staying home, germs are confined in the house and are more likely to affect the rest of the family. Make sure you open some windows to keep the air fresh and germ-free. If possible, take your kids to play outside in the fresh air so they don’t catch any lurking germs.

Use Sanitizer

If you and your family are out all day, you might not always be near a bathroom. So a good option in this case is hand sanitizer or disinfectant wipes. Encourage family members to use them when they’re outside.

Avoid Close Contact

If someone at home is sick, then it’s better to keep your distance so you don’t catch a cold and spread it to the rest of the family. Make sure your kids understand this so they learn to keep a distance from sick children at school.

Wash Dishes Properly

If a family member is sick, germs can still hang around in the plates and dishes they used. Pay extra attention when washing utensils used by the sick member of the family to ensure that they are free of germs. Alternatively, you can switch to disposable plastic plates until the person feels better.

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