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Happy Marriage Linked With Better Sleep!



Happy Marriage Linked With Better Sleep!


If you have long been thinking to turn the lights off early in the evening, here’s another incentive – sleep specialists at The London Sleep Centre Dubai, believe that couples who sleep well tend to do better at tasks together, encourage each other and could very well make their partners feel appreciated. Sleep Deprivation could however lead them to take their partners for granted.


Given that sleep has increasingly been sacrificed due to modern age commitments and expectations; it does hamper physical, psychological and biological functioning of individuals. With an increased focus on effects on individuals due to lack of sleep, The London Sleep Centre Dubai highlights the importance of considering sleep and its effects on marriage and couple relationships. One way that married couples can be sure of happiness is synchronized alarm clocks and bed times. It is true that the way couples sleep together is influenced by how satisfied they are in their marriage.


Sharing a similar circadian rhythm is definitely a key to successful marriage. And it can be achieved with a little bit of effort and planning. While couples may have different day and evening activities, it is required to converge at the end of the day, right before you sleep. A pre-bedtime routine is a great way to bond after a hectic day, where you share your schedules gone by and plans for another exciting day. It’s a great way to communicate, spend quality time in each other’s company and relax before the lights go out to call it a day. Mismatched sleep patterns can do more harm than one can ever gauge.


Sleep, no doubt is an essential part of everyday routine and while we are aware of the ill-effects caused due to lack of sleep; it is essential to know that sleeping with your partner may promote health in a number of ways, such as lowering stress hormones and boosting the ‘feel good’ quotient of your marriage. What is essential is finding a compromise where you both alter your internal clock to draw a compatible sleep schedule.


Why is it so important to sleep well for a successful relationship?


With synchronized sleep schedules come in a lot of crucial forms of intimacy that are often overlooked. Couples tend to feel more relaxed and closer in each other’s company leading up to cuddling and caressing. In fact a lot of times couples who are unhappy in their marriages tend to quote ‘lack of intimacy’ as one of the major reasons for their differences. But they fail to understand that a workable sleep schedule can bring in much needed respite to their troubled relationship.


The logic is simple – We all have our own schedules, commitments and ways of life but like so many other things that we do to work out a successful relationship; healthy sleep and pre-bedtime routine needs to become a practice. A complimentary sleep pattern is so crucial and evident in successful relationships that it leads to less arguments and more feelings of alignment and happiness with respective partner.


While it may help to know that individuals need seven-nine hours of uninterrupted sleep to function properly; sleep in marriage will only help if both the partners get the required amount of sleep. So the next time you think you need to put in efforts to save your relationship; try working around a sound sleep schedule that can be carried out in each other’s company.



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