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Help your kids make this great folder. They can put some of their favorite drawings in it, or even use it as a file for some of their papers. You can choose whatever design you want for the cover of the folder. Here we have a pencil made from different pieces of colored construction paper.




2 sheets of colored construction paper, size A4

Sheets of other colored construction paper for the cover design

25 mm satin ribbon (the color of your choice)


Child-friendly scissors (optional)


1. If your child is too young, you will need to help him with cutting the design that you will stick on the front of the folder.  Draw the design for him on the different sheets of colored construction paper. Guide him while cutting the design by either gently tearing it if you want a jagged rough look, or by using the scissors for a clean cut finish. Choose whichever you prefer, and/or is easier for your child.

2. Glue the design on one of the A4 construction papers to get an attractive cover.

3. Place the other sheet of A4 construction paper on the back so that they are both right on top of each other.

4. Punch the sheets.

5. Insert the satin ribbon through both sheets and make a knot to join them together.


You now have a great folder ready to be filled with your special papers!

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