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Do Your Eating Habits Have You Down?


Do Your Eating Habits Have You Down?

When you are not happy with your eating habits – you’re eating too many processed carbs and sugars, skipping meals then overindulging, getting on track can seem overwhelming!

A simple step to take in the right direction is to start your day with the positive intention of adding in the good foods first. “You see, the more healthy foods you add to your existing diet, the less room you’ll have for junk, and the more sensitive your palette will become to ultimately appreciate a greater variety of healthy ingredients.

You’ll literally crowd out the unhealthy foods until you reach a balanced diet that is sustainable and makes you feel great – even if that still includes an occasional guilt-free indulgence!” (source IIN 2016)

Apply this by:

1. Focusing on what you CAN eat and not on what you CANNOT eat.

For example, at every meal –
Eat your veggies and salad first.
Eat your protein and good fats
Have a small amount of complex carbs like brown rice or sweet potatoes

If after you have had a well-balanced meal, you still have a craving for something sweet let’s say, then have one small serving. Then, slowly shift to the healthier version of your favorite foods. For example, dark chocolate instead of commercial chocolates.


2. Look at the other areas in your life that make up your wellbeing like your relationships, spirituality, work and physical fitness.

How can you add in the good first? For example, going to a workout class you love is a super addition to your physical wellbeing.


Remember it’s not all or nothing! It’s the positive additions, the baby steps that yield the big results.


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Yasmine Defouni

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