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Develop Your Toddler’s Love For Music: From pot covers to grand piano




Develop Your Toddler’s Love For Music: From pot covers to grand piano

Not everyone has to go on to become a skilled musician, but every child should have the chance to develop a love and respect for music. That doesn’t mean that you have to run out and buy all sorts of musical instruments as soon as your baby arrives. A good playlist can be a great start in developing baby’s ear for music.

Once your toddler starts taking an interest in making music for himself, provide music makers. A lot of baby toys can be used as part of your home-based orchestra or you can make your own instruments.

  • Percussion section – Good old pot covers make great cymbals and upside down pots with wooden spoons can be perfect drums. Another alternative is to use empty tin can (samna, coffee or powdered milk all come in useable cans), cover the opening with paper and attach with a rubber band.
  • Horns – Party horns are inexpensive and widely available in a variety of shapes, making a range of different sounds.
  • Strings – Using a shallow box, wrap rubber bands of different sizes around the box. Vary the sounds that your child can produce by wrapping some tightly and some loosely.
  • Maracas – Anything with a few beans or a bit of rice inside can serve as a rattle. Try putting them in paper towel tubes and sealing the ends with paper; alternatively, use metal cans with plastic tops or plastic containers. For small children under age of three, make sure the container can’t come open to avoid choking risks.
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