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Delightful Decorations!

Delightful Decorations!

Check out these tips to make your child’s room look great!

When you think of designing your child’s bedroom, one important factor should override all others – children grow up quickly. The furniture, décor, and storage space that was adequate one year becomes outgrown, outmoded or inappropriate the next. The room itself also takes on new functions as the years go by. A bedroom usually starts off as a nursery, then a playroom, but then becomes a place for entertaining friends, playing music, studying and using the computer. The design should therefore be flexible, with furniture shelves and worktops that can be easily extended, converted or discarded as time goes by.

Before you buy anything for your child’s room, first think carefully of function. To utilize the space in the most efficient way possible, each piece of furniture must function according to your child’s needs. This will also ensure that the room stays organized and clutter-free.

Baby’s Room 

Not much furniture is needed for a baby’s room, but try to incorporate items that will be useful as your baby grows. For example, a crib that can be converted into a toddler’s bed is a good idea as well as short cupboards with deep shelving that can be used for many years afterwards.

An essential item in a baby’s room is a changing table. This is most efficient when the table is of comfortable height for the mother, and serves as more than just a changing table. It can have other features such as a chest of drawers or a small cupboard (underneath the table itself). The changing table does not have to come ready-made, any suitable sturdy piece of furniture can be used by gluing a piece of thick sponge to the top then covering it with a washable plastic fabric. A shallow safety shelf or rail can be added to the sides to stop baby from falling.

To have everything on hand when changing baby such as diapers, cotton and cream, a shelf or shallow cabinet can be mounted above the changing unit. This can also be decorated by adding a selection of stuffed toys on top.

Don’t forget to include a comfortable chair for nursing baby (you can co-ordinate the fabric to tie in with the color scheme of the room). Remember that baby will very soon outgrow this room so keep the décor simple and easy to change and don’t spend too much money on decorations or furniture that will need to be replaced in a very short time.

Layout of Furniture

Whatever shape of room you have, rectangular or square, small or large, furniture placement will always depend on the position of the door and window/s, and how much room is left on either side that can be used efficiently. Bear in mind that children need maximum floor space to run around freely without banging into the furniture. For example, a bed is often the biggest item in a child’s room, so place it parallel to and against the longest wall; to do otherwise will drastically reduce floor space.

Only fitted furniture fits perfectly, so if you have this option go for it rather than a ready-made solution. The average ‘unfitted’ bedroom is quite the opposite of the ‘fitted’ solution because you end up with a collection of different sizes, shapes, and styles placed wherever they can be squeezed in, rather than where they should be.

By Suzie Nassar, Interior design consultant


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