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Your Baby-Proofing Guide



Your Baby-Proofing Guide

Caring for babies can be a tiring task, especially when they start crawling. The truth is, it can be impossible to monitor your child every single second once they start crawling. Unfortunately, crawling babies can severely hurt themselves if a house is not properly baby-proofed. There are many scary statistics about how many babies and toddlers get injured or even killed by dangers within their own home. This is why baby-proofing is essential.

To keep your baby safe while they learn how to crawl and walk, it is important to be wary of your house and the possible dangers it holds for your baby. Follow our simple baby-proofing guide so you can ensure that your baby stays safe and happy!

1. Start early:

It’s never too early to start baby-proofing your home. In fact, the earlier you start, the better. This enables you to enjoy the wonderful time in your life when your baby starts growing up. Furthermore, baby-proofing is a never-ending task. As your child grows, you will have to focus on more things around the house to baby-proof since your child will be able to reach higher objects.

That being said, you can start baby-proofing while you’re pregnant to stay on the safe side. Every once in a while, update your baby-proofing methods to accommodate for your baby’s growth.

2. Work on each room:

Baby-proofing is not limited to the baby’s room; the entire house poses a hazard on babies. To make sure that you don’t overlook anything, set a schedule so that you can dedicate time for each room; the bedroom, the kitchen, the bathroom, the living room and everything else. This method works best because it helps you notice unique factors in every single room. For example, baby-proofing the toilet in the bathroom can be easily overlooked if you’re just focused on electrical outlets and sharp edges.

3. Think like a baby:

It may sound silly, but in order to tackle everything that may raise your baby’s curiosity, you must think like a baby. Start crawling around the room on your knees and look at everything within reach. You’ll notice how dresser drawers seem like a ladder when they’re open or how floor lamps can be tempting to lean on. You may even notice that your oven’s switches are within reach. These are all things you can easily overlook if you stare at them while standing up.

4. Buy the necessary gadgets:

Visit a store that sells baby-proofing products and get everything you may need. Common options include bumpers that are placed on sharp edges or gates to block entrances to things like stairways. Talk to the sales person or a doctor about the layout of your home and potential hazards. In fact, inviting other mothers over to recommend new methods of baby-proofing may be a good idea.

5. Don’t forget the small things:

Even if you’re completely vigilant about baby-proofing, some things can easily be overlooked. Clear your house of tiny objects that your baby can choke on. Furthermore, make sure any visitors keep their bags at a level your baby can’t reach; you don’t want your child investigating and using lipstick, medication or a pack of cigarettes.

6. Supervise:

No matter how well you baby-proof your house, it can never replace good supervision. Baby-proofing is merely a precaution, while supervision is the main necessity. Never leave your baby unattended, no matter where you put them. Keep a constant eye on your baby to make sure you are keeping them safe and healthy.

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