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5 Mother-Child Bonding Activities To Try




5 Mother-Child Bonding Activities To Try

In today’s world, children and toddlers are becoming more and more inclined to play with phones and electronics than to interact with others – sometimes even their parents. But don’t let this demotivate you; make an effort to engage in fun activities with your child and create beautiful bonding experiences that they can fondly look back on well into their adulthood. Try these 5 bonding activities as a start!

Car Games

If a lot of your time with your child is spent driving them to and from places, then take advantage of it. Instead of spending that time talking on the phone, you can sing along to silly songs together, talk about your day or you can try some engaging car games, such as I Spy or 20 Questions. That way, you can make sure these precious moments with your child are special and bringing you closer together.

Arts and Crafts

Don’t spend your time at home with your child just watching TV. Instead, head to a stationery store and stock up on arts and crafts materials so you can work on a fun project together. You can paint, knit, make beaded jewelry or even engage in something long term like candle making. Better yet, try diving into a different crafts activity each month together and display your new masterpieces at home!

Read Together

One of the things that can bring together a child and their mother is any activity that can be turned into a little ritual. An easy, effortless ritual can be as simple as reading together every night before bed. Take turns picking comics or books and set aside half an hour each night to read. You’ll be creating a wonderful reading habit for your child, and you’ll also be able to spend time together where you’re both feeling present.

Awaken Your Inner Child

Children usually have a hard time believing that grown ups – especially their parents – can laugh and have fun. So make it a point to bring out your silly side every once in a while. Whether you want to dance to a cheesy song together, make funny-shaped pancakes or eat pizza for breakfast, your child will be pleasantly surprised!

Take Them Out on a Date

Often we forget how much children appreciate one-on-one time with each of their parents. Randomly decide to take your child on a date to a fun restaurant and talk to them like a friend. They’ll be more likely to open up to you and loosen up. In fact, your date will be something for them to look forward to!






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