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5 Back to School Design Ideas for your Kid’s Room



5 Back to School Design Ideas for your Kid’s Room

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Your kids will surely be creating some artwork in the new school year.

A creative way to display their artwork is to simply string twine or a thin rope across a wall and use clothes pins to attach the artwork.


Use shelves or wall boxes above desks or beds to add more storage to your child’s room.

This will give them more place to play and a place for all of their toys.


Have a creative kid?

Paint a wall with chalkboard paint.  This will allow them to be creative without creating a mess.


Still need more storage space?

Don’t forget the space under their bed.  Use plastic bins to store extra clothes, toys or other items they don’t need all the time.  This is another easy way to keep their room tidy.


Create a fun growth chart by framing a tall tree or giraffe.

This is an easy way to mark their growth and can be a sweet keepsake when they are all grown up.


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