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3 Ways to Maximise Your Wardrobe Budget



3 Ways to Maximize Your Wardrobe Budget 


Basics Instinct

While it is acceptable to invest in one or two seasonal picks, stick to a wardrobe furnished with basics such as denim, button-down shirts and t-shirts of neutral hues. These timeless options make for gorgeous pairings with in-trend prints and details, and even amongst themselves!

The perfect wardrobe ratio? Seven-part basics and three-part seasonal items.


Quality Control

Who needs a walk-in wardrobe when you can invest in long-lasting separates that can withstand the test of time, and the grind of your washing machine? Delicate fabrics that are heavily embellished or intricately detailed require a little more TLC and can be rather expensive to maintain, especially when there’s a need to send them to the dry cleaners.

For hard-wearing yet chic options, lavish your collection with rich materials such as salvage denim, thick cotton, neoprene and stretchable lace.


Fit Feats

Before you splurge on the number you’ve been eyeing, never underestimate the process of fitting! Be it a pair of high-heel pumps or body-hugging frock, always (and we mean always!) choose a size that fits like a glove.

Know your body type and go for silhouettes that will accentuate your curves, instead of sweating it out in the morning while you squeeze your way into an outfit.



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