تعرفوا على الخبراء

  • عبد المجيد رمزي

    أ. د. عبد المجيد رمزى أستاذ النساء والتوليد، جامعة القاهرة، لديه خبرة أكثر من ٢٥ عام كاستشارى أطفال الأنابيب والحقن المجهرى غير أنه رئيس ومؤسس BabyCell مصر (بنك الخلايا الجذعية من الحبل السري للأطفال). .

    للمزيد من النصائح زوروا هذه الصفحة.

  • د. أحمد درويش

    إستشاري طب الأطفال
    Cairo Gene

  • عايده نصر

    Aida was a seasoned writer and editor who dedicated her life to finding and spreading beauty and value. Aida brought professionalism and passion to Mother & Child as our managing editor and one of our most valued contributing writers. She especially enjoyed writing investigative pieces in the areas of holistic health and well-being and relationships.

  • Dr.. Alia Montasser

    Dr. Alyaa Montasser is a Clinical Psychologist practicing family therapy in Cairo for the past 17 years. Currently, at Flo Chi Wellness, an integrative medicine clinic in Maadi, helping families in need of counseling and therapy. When not doing therapy, she pursues her passion which is Malak’s Honey, a not for profit project which produces and sells Egyptian honey for health. Proceeds go directly to helping people in medical need who would, otherwise, go untreated. Currently, Malak’s Honey has developed a call for action to stand up to breast cancer by enabling breast and female cancer surgeries in Egypt with the sale of Bee Bracelets for Breast Cancer.

  • أمينة دياب

    Amina is a child psychologist, parent educator and coach. She is also currently a doctoral researcher in Education at the University of Bath, UK. After completing her masters in child & adolescent psychology, Amina worked with a variety of children ranging from behavioral issues to developmental disorders. Her certifications in positive discipline and parent coaching allow her to form the bridge between parent education and child therapy as she provides tools and proven strategies to empower parents when raising their children. Amina’s goal is to provide her clients with positive parenting tools to create a strong child-parent relationship based on the foundations of love, trust and growth.

  • أمينة الفيومي

    A mother of three, Amina is a committed copyeditor and writer with hands-on experience. Amina’s writings are driven from real life situations, events and incidents and are directly related to the modern women and mothers of today’s fast changing and challenging world.

  • انا حامل

    Ana7amel (“I’m pregnant”) is an Egyptian maternity club aiming to spread the awareness among mothers-to-be and new mothers, helping them to be happy and confident during their pregnancy and early motherhood stage. Ana7amel provides its services  via its website and social media channels, using Arabic as its basic language to fully-engage and serve the Egyptian community, in addition to conducting sessions for mothers and mothers-to-be to share their experiences and meet parental experts, as well as other services.

  • Dr. Anju Menon

    Dr. Anju Menon is an experienced family medicine physician with special interest in women’s and children’s health, currently based in Cairo, Egypt.

  • Art Cafe

    Art Cafe is a renowned art center in Maadi (Cairo, Egypt), offering a atmosphere of tranquility and inspiration where potential artists can flourish and perfect their talents.

  • آيه سرحان

    ايه مستشارة علم نفس مجتمعي متخصصة في تقييم الاحتياجات و تنمية الكفاءات باستخدام أسس علمية و خبرة أكثر من ٢٠ عاما في مجال التعليم و التدريب و الارشاد النفسي  بهدف تقليل الخلافات داخل المؤسسات و تطوير العلاقات الأسرية و الصحة النفسية للاهل و المراهقين.

      حصلت ايه على درجتي البكالوريوس و الماجستير من الجامعة الامريكية بالقاهرة و هى عضو بالمنظمة البريطانية لعلم النفس و منظمة الابحاث التطبيقية  المجتمعية بالولايات المتحدة الأمريكية و المؤسسة البريطانية لتنمية الافراد. كما أنها مدرب معتمد لبرامج الفاعلية و الممثل المعتمد لمؤسسة جوردن العالمية ، و مرشد معتمد من جامعة كامبردج بانجلترا. شاركت ايه في تاسيس جمعية أصدقاء الام و الطفل و هى عضو مجلس إدارة بها و بمؤسسة شبكة خبراء الأسرة إلى جانب تطوعها لاستشارة عدد من الجمعيات الأهلية.


  • بوتاجاز.كوم

    بوتاجاز.كوم بوابة إلكترونية متخصصة في الطهي العربي والعالمي. هدفها مساعدة المرأة في الشرق الأوسط على تعلم فنون الطبخ بافادتها بالمواد اللازمة لذلك من وصفات مكتوبة ومصورة، وأيضا إفادة كل قراءها العرب بأفضل النصائح الغذائية والمنزلية.


  • Cerelac Egypt

    As a Mother & Child sponsor, Cerelac Egypt regularly provides valuable information about the wonderful journey of parenthood.

  • د. شريف علي عبد العال

    Dr. Cherif Aly Abdelal has over 20 years of professional experience in the pediatric medical field with an M.S. in General Pediatrics from the Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University. He is assistant manager of Cairo University Children’s Hospital (Abou El Reesh, Kasr El Eini), member of the board of the Egyptian Pediatric Society and member and founder of the Egyptian Society for Mother and Fetal Health.

  • Corine de Farme

    Corine de Farme comes to you from France with a range of gentle, highly natural products for the care of baby’s delicate, sensitive skin that are hypoallergenic and dermatologically-tested.


  • داليا علام

    Dalia’s parenting story started years before studying parenting. She noticed how parents’ negative attitudes affected their children’s emotional state and behavior and found herself wanting to help those children. Years later, Dalia took the decision to study parenting at Hand in Hand Parenting in the U.S. to help parents understand their children, deal positively with them and connect with them. She was surprised to find that the tools she had used with the children she helped were the main contributors to their developing personalities and their acquired skills. Dalia became the first certified Hand in Hand parenting instructor in Egypt; her target is to make a remarkable change in the way we raise children in Egypt.

  • داليا مصطفى عثمان

    Dr. Dalia Mostafa Osman has been working in the field of speech and language for over eighteen years. She is a Professor of Phoniatrics at Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University. She holds a Bachelor degree of Medicine & Surgery, and Master and Medical Doctorate degrees of Phoniatrics. She has been awarded the Certificate of Clinical competence from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (USA). She is a member of ASHA (USA), Hanen Program (Canada) and Arab Network of Autism. She is the founder of the Speech and Language Clinic (SLC) . Her work encompasses clinical services, staff professional development, parent training, and outreach consultations.

  • دانا ديناوي

    Dana Dinnawi is an Integrative Nutrition health coach specializing in empowering women to improve their health and family life. She received her training from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, where she studied more than one hundred dietary theories and a variety of practical lifestyle coaching methods. She can be reached through her website and Facebook page.

  • ديانا فريد

    Diana is a wife and a mother of twin babies who is inspired by music, nature and daily life interactions. She uses her passion for writing to capture special moments, replace pain with laughter, and inspire others. She is a feature writer for several publications in Egypt and the Gulf; through her Twin Mummy’s Diary she shares her thoughts, experiences and helpful tips as she goes us through the roller coaster ride called motherhood, with its challenges and joys.

  • دينا يونس

    Dina is a certified personal stylist who has been working with clients, particularly with mothers who after maternity leave, want a wardrobe reboot to get back into the work force after years of being in mommy mode. She recently moved to California from Dubai, and is expanding her passion for styling interiors, specifically staging homes for sale.

  • د. لورا مكرم

    The founding editor of AhaParenting.com, Dr. Laura Markham is a trained Clinical Psychologist, earning her PhD from Columbia University.  But she’s also a mom, so she translates proven science into the practical solutions you need for the family life you want.
  • مها عماد الدين

    Maha Emadeldin is an associate professor and Head of Psychiatry Department, Beni Suef University. She is a certified consultant in Child & Adolescent Psychiatry. Maha has a broad range of child and adolescent mental health experience, ranging from behavioral and emotional problems to developmental disorders. Maha is a member of the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry and is the General Secretary of the Egyptian Child & Adolescent Psychiatry Association (ECAPA). She has participated in many national programs for planning of mental health services for children and adolescents.

  • مي سعد

    د. مي سعد الدين إستشاري طب أطفال أبوالريش، وإستشاري دولي رضاعة طبيعية، ومؤسس تطبيق طفلي مع د. مي على الهواتف المحمولة
  • د. نيللي أبو العطا

    Dr. Nelly Abulata is a Professor at Kasr Al-Ainy Faculty of Medicine- Cairo University with almost 20 years of diverse experience in Public/ Private, Academic, Clinical, Management, Training and Research settings in cross-cultural environments. She is a Thought Leader and Management Consultant for Higher Education & Healthcare, an Expert and Mentor for Health, a Women’s Leadership Coach and a Presentation Guru. She is also a Wife and a Mom. Her goal is to bring about positive change in her community and make a difference in people’s lives. Check out her page.


  • د. وفاء عبد الهادي

    Dr. Wafaa Abdel-Hadi is the Founder & CEO of Aware Clinic, the first and only Functional Medicine doctor in Egypt to graduate from The Institute of Functional Medicine, IFM, USA. She is specialized in Cancer Prevention, Awareness and Genetic Counselling. She also works in chronic and autoimmune diseases to find out the root cause of the disease and reversing it naturally. She is a Clinical Oncology Specialist from Kasr El Aini-Cairo University and a Certified International Health Coach from IIN, USA.

  • Elizabeth Shoghi

    Culinary chef and nutritionist. Owner of The Kitchen

  • إيمان عبد الرحمن

    Eman Abdel Rahman is an Egyptian wife and mother. Eman is a cup cakes/cakes supplier and a part time host of several TV shows.

  • إيمان حلمي

    مع انها صيدلانية… الا ان اكتر حاجة بتحبها إيمان حلمى هى انها تطبخ اكلات كتيرة من الاكلات المفضلة عندنا بطريقة تكون ماشية مع الدايت وف نفس الوقت تحافظ على الطعم الحلو… ومن ساعتها قررت تشارك الفكرة دى مع كل الناس اللى نفسهم يعملوا دايت ومايزهقوش.. من خلال اكلات جديدة ولذيذة… ودايت!

  • إنجي الجندي

    Engy El Guindy is a sociologist who’s highly passionate about child rights advocacy. She earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology from the American University in Cairo. In 2016, Engy received her holistic counseling certificate and she currently teaches Mindfulness Meditation in her free time, always hoping to make the world a better place through the power of mindfulness.

  • FLOW Wellness Center

    FLOW Wellness Center is a mother and child movement and wellness center that provides a range of mom-and-child classes for children ages 1 month to 5 years, including infant massage and baby/toddler yoga.  All FLOW instructors are trained and qualified in Infant Massage techniques and Parent/Child Yoga instruction, and have received international certification from the Birthlight Foundation Organization in the UK.

  • Fruttini Egypt

    Fruttini is the  high-quality fruity body care brand.

  • د. جيهان سامي

    Dr. Gihan Samy is a Pediatric Doctor at Tabibi 24/7. She received her master degree from Cairo University. She is Assistant Lecturer at the Academy of Scientific Researches. She has been in private practice for fifteen years.

  • Haleh Banani

    Haleh Banani is a cognitive behavioral therapist with a Master degree in Clinical Psychology from University of Houston. She has over 15 years experience in diagnosing mental and emotional disorders and administrating programs of treatment. She was the first female to host a program for Al-Fajr TV called “With Haleh” which combines the principles of psychology and Islam to help people reach their full potential and overcome their challenges. Haleh is an internationally published writer and mother of three.

  • هناء أبو القاسم

    استشارى النساء والتوليد – مركز الأسكندرية الإقليمى لصحة وتنمية المرأة

  • Dr. Hanan Gewefel

    Breast Imaging Consultant

  • Hanan Sabry

    Mrs. Sabry has earned her Bachelor’s degree of Economics from the American University in Cairo and her Masters of Arts in Teaching from the University of San Francisco where she lived and raised her first child in California. She taught in public and private schools and had been an active member in the Bay Area Muslim Community, coordinating children activities and social events. Since her return to Egypt in 2008, she had co-founded Akhlakona, the first Egyptian character building curriculum for K-8 schools. She conducted several parenting workshops and teacher trainings in private and public Egyptian schools. Mrs. Sabry earned several certificates in the field of coaching and healing. Recently, she developed her parenting program and partnered with Intellect Coaching School to certify parenting coaches; the first parenting ICF accredited program in Egypt.

  • حسن عبده

    Hassan is a father of two young boys who enjoys writing about their adventures as they navigate through life.

  • هبه أنور

    Heba Anwar, a mother of three, is a holistic health coach who studied nutrition and coaching at The Institute for Integrative Nutrition. She is the founder of Smart Food by Heba Anwar. She aims to raise awareness on the impact of food on health and the general wellbeing of all humans through creating a culture of finding alternatives. Her wish is to empower every mother with the tools and knowledge needed to offer better food choices for her children. Heba offers awareness courses and transformational coaching programs for women to help them reach their best selves, understand their bodies and identify what foods work best for them.
  • هدى رشاد

    Hoda Rashad is an author and educator who earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Middle Eastern Studies and her MA in Teaching English as a Foreign Language from the American University in Cairo. Rashad wrote Rising from Tahrir” in 2012, a Creative Non-Fiction collection of ten individuals’ stories from the 2011 Egyptian revolution. Rashad pursued a career in teaching for more than 12 years and worked as an educational consultant for over 7 years before moving to the US in 2005, where she continued to work as an educational consultant in private schools and corporate projects, until founding and running her own preschool project and teacher-based homeschooling program in the Bay Area. She can be reached at: editor@beatenpathnotes.com. Check out her blog!

  • Hope Egypt

    HOPE Egypt breast health programs are the first facilitated, self-help support groups in Egypt for breast cancer patients and their families, operating since 2004.

  • هويده الدمرداش

    هويدا الدمرداش مستشارة العلاقات الأسرية ومؤسسة علاقات البنج بونج.

  • Dr. Humairah Shah

    Dr. Humairah Shah is a dentist by profession and works in Torrance, California (USA). She has been working exclusively with children for the past 11 years.

  • إيمان سرحان

    Iman is a certified Mother Support Group Leader, Breastfeeding Counselor, NLP practitioner and a licensed representative for Gordon Training International with over 15 years of experience. She is a graduate of The American University in Cairo and is currently doing her MSc in Business Psychology at Heriot Watt University in Edinburgh (UK). She’s a member in the “International Lactation Consultant Association” and a board member in Mother and Child Friendly Care Association – MCFC, where she is responsible for the community component of breastfeeding promotion through Mother Support Group training & counseling as well as the production of education, audio visual & teaching material.  As a philanthropist, she aims to spread awareness, educate and develop the community in a sustainable manner.

    Lastly, Iman is also the co-founding vice president for Life CoachERS, as an organizational psychologist and a Leadership Coach. She strives to help professionals achieve a Work-Life balance while becoming the BEST version of themselves in their pursuit. Moreover, she believes that healthy nurturing and effective relationships are the basis for healthy and successful communities.

  • Imperial College London Diabetes Centre

    Imperial College London Diabetes Centre is a one-stop, state-of-the-art, out-patient facility that specializes in diabetes treatment, research, training and public health awareness. The Centre was established in Abu Dhabi by Mubadala Healthcare, in partnership with the UK’s Imperial College London, in 2006.

  • إنفو ميد

    Infomed Services Company is a leading healthcare company that offers various healthcare solutions in Egypt. With the patient as their prime focus, Infomed strives continuously to improve our country’s healthcare system through their services.

  • جيلان حيدر

    Jailan Heidar is an Egyptian parent educator currently living in The Netherlands. She has a MSc. in Child and Family Studies from Leiden University. She specializes in providing parenting support to parents of children from 0-5 years through her website EarlyYearsParenting.

  • Josette Abdalla

    Dr. Josette Abdalla is an Associate Professor of Psychology and Licensed Clinical Psychologist. She earned her PhD from Ain Shams University and was Professor of Psychology at The American University in Cairo. She is currently working in private practice as a Consulting Clinical Psychologist.

  • د. خليل عبد الخالق

    Dr. Khalil is founder and medical director of Tabibi 24/7. He has received his masters and PhD degrees from Cairo University where he became an associate professor of pediatrics. He is a member of the Royal College of Pediatrics and Child Health and a clinical fellow of university hospital at Tuebingin, Germany. He has been in private practice for eleven years, specializing in Neonatology and Cranial Ultrasonography.

  • Kouhl.com

    Kouhl is the first and only vegan focused lifestyle magazine for Egyptians.

    Out of a belief that a healthy lifestyle begins first with our minds and our surroundings, Kouhl built a health oriented magazine that addresses all aspects related to the quality of your lifestyle, with a focus on Egyptianizing the vegan and raw lifestyle.

    Kouhl (eye liner in Arabic) represents simple things that go a long way. With a belief that simplicity and going back to basics is key to a healthy life, kouhl.com brings you the simple things that will beautify and suit your own unique needs.

  • Life Coachers

    Life Coachers is a licensed representative for Gordon Training International with a mission to contribute towards developing a more peaceful and productive community through training parents, teens, teachers, employees, and managers effective communication skills that are applicable at home, at schools, and at work.

  • مها هلالي

    Chairperson the Egyptian Advance Society for Persons with Autism & Other Disabilities (ADVANCE). Managing Partner, Learning Resource Center (LRC). Board-member the National Council for Disability Affairs, (NCDA). Member Women with Disability Committee National Council for Women (NCW). Founding-Member of the Egyptian Foundation for Inclusive Education (IEF). President Inclusion International Middle East & North Africa (II-MENA). Secretary Arab Network for Autism (ANA). Ashoka Fellow 2007

  • مي علوي

    مي علوي متخصصة علاج نفسي وتربية. مي هي مؤسسة منظمة رايزنج هابي لخدمات التربية والإستشارات النفسية. مي حصلت على ماجستير في علم النفس من الجامعة الأمريكية بالقاهرة، وحصلت على التدريب في التربية الإيجابية في المملكة المتحدة. مي قامت بتدريب مـئات الآباء والمدرسين والأخصائين على أسس التربية الإيجابية والصحة النفسية للأطفال والمراهقين

  • منال رستم

    Manal Rostom is a certified Positive Discipline Trainer and a certified Montessori teacher for ages 2.5 – 6 years. She has over 5 years experience advising parents with their parenting issues. She works mostly with an Arabic-speaking audience both face-to-face

  • مريم مدحت

    Mariam Medhat is the founder of Parenting Formula organization in Cairo, Egypt. Over the past few years she has trained hundreds of parents and child caregivers in her workshops and sessions. She is a Business graduate with a Master’s degree in Counseling from Southwest College USA, combined with her Toledo’s Master in Business Administration. She is an influencing motivational speaker in areas of psychology and social skills. She is an internationally certified Life coach and NLP practitioner. Mariam is passionate about child psychology and family relationships and is a Certified Positive Discipline Parents’ Educator from Positive Discipline Association USA.

  • Maryam Maafa

    Maryam has a Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology from The American University in Cairo. Maryam works with individuals, couples and families who are having relationship struggles; provides parental guidance and couples therapy to parents of children with behavioral problems as well as group therapy. Her experience is in helping stressed or anxious individuals and couples gain a better understanding of themselves, and learn skills that will further enhance their personal and professional development. Maryam has developed workshops on various mental and emotional health and also co-led a group for social anxiety. Maryam practices in her private office in Zamalek, and also at Nūn Center and can be reached through Reflections by Maryam Maafa.

  • مرفت النحاس

    “I have a great love for cooking different types of cuisines. I enjoy making dishes that are easy, not too time consuming to prepare, full of hearty ingredients and absolutely delicious!! My recipes are easy to follow so please do try this at home…and let me know on MIMI’S RECIPES if you have any questions..”

  • محمد وديد

    Mohamed Wadeed is a marriage and family counselor with an M.A. in mental health counseling from Rhode Island College, USA and an M.A. in philosophy from Cairo University, Egypt. He provides a variety of counseling services.

  • د. منى إبراهيم يسري

    Dr. Mona Youssri is a child and adolescent psychiatrist, family counselor and certified trainer accredited by Oxford Press. She has a Masters of Arts in International counseling from the American University in Cairo, is an affiliated International member of the American Psychological Association and a life time member of the International Honor Society in Psychology (PSI CHI). She is founder and owner of The Creative Learning Center, an early literacy based preschool with a unique child psychology based curriculum.

  • Montessori Way Foundation

    Montessori way foundation is a subsidiary of Wellbeing Child & Parent foundation, an educational center with certified teachers & Positive Discipline facilitators that provides a customized learning environment, based on the Montessori education and principles. Classes are designed to help children (3-7 years) to be independent and lifelong learners who are academically grounded, socially confident and emotionally balanced.

  • عالم الأم و الطفل

    Our extensive collection of articles spans the efforts of over 20 years of work and covers a wide range of topics having to do with family and child care. Our articles are all developed and updated with the assistance and support of leaders in the fields of medicine, nutrition and parenting, among others.

  • فريق عالم الأم و الطفل

    Our team is always on the look out to bring our readers the latest news, happenings and inspiring and useful tips that others have shared.

  • نايله العبادي

    I am the mommy of two beautiful children, Adam and Hana. I have recently left my full time job and career to stay at home with my kids, and it’s been challenging trying to find my place in the world. I am a closet nerd whose idea of a good time includes a good book, a cup of coffee, and cookies that I have baked myself. Being a typical introvert, I express myself a lot better through writing than through talking. Writing has always been my passion, and being a mom has driven me to start my own blog to document my journey through motherhood. I am hoping that through my writing, I will get people to rethink some of the ways we approach parenting in our culture and get them to realize that we desperately need to change. I love poking fun at regular everyday situations and try not to take myself too seriously.

  • نجوى خضر

    Nagwa Khedr graduated with an art major and psychology minor in 2009 from the American University in Cairo. She found her passion for working with kids while on a community service trip to work with underprivileged children in Ethiopia. Then in 2010 she joined the Learning Resource Center as an early intervention specialist, working mainly with children aged 1 to 8 years old. For the past 3 years, Nagwa has been using the DIR Floor-time approach to work with children with ASD and any developmental problems. In 2017, Nagwa finished her Expert Training Leader certification from the Interdisciplinary Council on Development and Learning and became the first DIR Floor-time provider in Egypt. In addition she is an ICDL faculty and a certified parent coach.


  • نايله بهجت

    From an Engineer at Matrix Engineering Company, to a Marketer at Vodafone Egypt to a mom of 2 girls, Naila is now Egypt’s U.S certified newborn care expert. Witnessing how tough the motherhood experience is, especially to a new mom during the baby’s first year, she could not let other new moms go through the same hassle of being lost in the endless baby needs and first times without the proper guidance to the right knowledge, expectations and practice ahead. Naila is the founder NewBornians offering newborn care courses and workshops for first-time moms-to-be and new moms in Egypt.
  • نشوى عبد الحميد علي

    نشوى عبد الحميد كاتبة ومدونة ومهتمة بالمرأة والأسرة؛ “تشغلنى النفس الانسانيه وأسرارها؛ أستمتع بالرسم والكتابة أرسم بالحروف وأكتب بالألوان واغزل من الحكايات على مقاس كل البشر.

  • نهى أبو ستة

    Noha is a certified Health Coach by Dr. Sears Wellness Institute, a certified Positive Discipline Parent Educator and a passionate mother of two. Through her blog, she hopes to empower families and parents to lead a healthy, happy and well balanced life inside out.

  • نهى القطان

    نهى القطان كاتبة ومالكة ومديرة شركة WriteIT لإبداعات المحتوى. أحبت الكتابة وحصلت على جوائز فى كتابة المقال والقصة القصيرة من جامعة القاهرة. بالرغم من تخرجها من كلية الهندسة وتخصصها فى مجال الـ IT إلا أنها تخصصت فى الكتابة حيث عملت فى مجال المحتوى الإلكترونى وصياغة المعلومات والتعبير عنها وإخراجها فى الشكل الملائم للقارئ وأسست الشركة الخاصة بها فى 2010. تحلم نهى بزيارة كل بلاد العالم والتعرف على ثقافات وحضارات مختلفة وقد بدأت بالفعل رحلتها حول العالم. تمثل الرياضة متنفس هام فى حياتها وتهوى قراءة الروايات والشعر.
  • نور بهجت

    Nour Bahgat is an Integrative Health & Nutrition Coach and an Environmental Scientist, founder of Delicious in Egypt, NB’s Food Delights and Nour from Nature. A leading nutrition, detox and weight-loss specialist, Nour developed her career towards combining environmental science and nutrition to inspire people and lead them to healthier lifestyles through one-on-one coaching. She’s also a writer, recipe developer, cooking classes and TV Chef. Graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, NY, and Trinity College, CT, and a member of the International Association of Health Coaches. You can get in touch with Nour via her website and YouTube channel.
  • عمر عبد العزيز

    Omar‘s interest in the mind body connection began when working as a head and neck surgeon and seeing multiple patients who were suffering with chronic pain. This opened the door to a world of the power of the mind and subconscious and its effect on our health and daily lives. This led him to become a Master NLP & Hypnosis practitioner and trainer, transforming people’s lives by equipping them with the tools they needed for positive change. Currently, Omar coaches people in bringing their dreams into reality, while empowering them overcome their limiting beliefs, negative emotions, chronic pains, fears and habits. Her delivers talks, training and workshops around the world and is a firm believer in everyone’s right to live the life that they choose seeing as they have the ability within them to do so.

  • أمنية باسم فريد

    Omnia is a twelve year old Egyptian whose words we found inspiring: “I would love to tell my story more than anything, everyone’s story has a right to be heard.”

  • Psychealth

    Since its foundation in 2009, Psychealth, the psychological health center for services and training based in Cairo, Egypt has striven to provide the highest quality of services ranging from individual therapy sessions, group therapy sessions, couples therapy, family therapy, training seminars and workshops, counseling for schools, in addition to business consultancy/training and career counseling. With its diverse expertise and wide range of knowledge in modern psychology and its applications, Psychealth is dedicated to utilizing interpersonal, intra-psychic and systemic methods with a broad sensitivity to individual and cultural differences.

  • رانيا أبو ربيعة

    Rania is a storyteller and an action-oriented coach, facilitator and trainer, specialized in a diverse range of topics related to transformational leadership development.  She is also a speaker on topics related to leadership, self-confidence, resilience, leading change, happiness, fulfillment, women development, and finding your calling in life.  Rania is the founder of THINK, a leadership development center.  THINK offers programs and individual coaching sessions to develop leadership capabilities for leaders in organizations and individual women.
  • رانية بدر الدين

    Rania Badreldin is a Happiness Consultant, seasoned social entrepreneur and motivational speaker who is passionate about helping people live happier lives. She is also the Founder and CEO of The Family Hub, the social enterprise behind Mother & Child and The Family Experts network, a technical consultancy arm. Rania is an NLP and Hypnosis Master practitioner, Time Line Therapy practitioner, Certified Parent Educator, and proud mother of three.




  • رانيا حسنين

    MA Counseling Psychologist

  • Rasha El Boghdady

    Rasha is a Psychology professor at the American University in Cairo. She holds a degree of Masters of Art in Counseling Psychology, International Counseling and Community Psychology (ICCP) program at the American University in Cairo (AUC). Rasha provides psychotherapy at Your Path clinic, where she integrates the Humanistic Existential approach with the Cognitive-Behavioral approach in therapy. This integration helps clients become more aware of their life’s targets, and their own behaviors and attitudes that help or hinder the process of reaching those targets. It also helps them identify their own emotions and thoughts, which is the first step towards feeling better. Rasha works with teenagers and adults in individual, couple or family settings according to the client’s situation and needs in order to provide the appropriate therapy service that would initiate the required change. She also provides consultancy to parents who need parental guidance.



  • ريهام سمير

    Riham Samir is a professional consultant in learning and personal skills development. Riham is a certified specialist in Dyslexia from Blackford Center – London and a member in British Dyslexia Association. She is a Certified Classroom Positive Discipline Educator from The International Association of Positive Discipline in USA, a Certified TEFL English facilitator and Certified NLP practitioner from The American Board of NLP. Riham applies the most advanced learning and tutoring techniques serving several types of clients from different ages and educational systems.

  • Ruba Homaidi

    Ruba Homaidi is a certified holistic counselor and life coach based in Switzerland. She helps people realize their goals without the need to constantly push themselves, through understanding and putting in place, living, mental and spiritual habits that support and energize them.

  • د. سحر داوود

    Sahar Daoud earned a doctorate degree in Liaison Paediatric Psychiatry for children with special needs from Ain Shams University in December 2013; her thesis was about sexual behaviour in autistic children. She earned a M.Sc. in applied psychology of mental health disorders from Liverpool University, England in March 2016; her thesis was about sexual behaviour in children age 6-9 years. She earned a M.Sc. Paediatrics from Ain Shams University in 2006. Sahar joined the Learning Resource Center in May 2007 and is currently the head of the Early Intervention Program. She conducts neuro-developmental assessments for children with behavior and/or developmental disorders. Sahar is also certified from Hanen Center in England as a “You Make The Difference” program leader and is certified to do Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule -2 assessment from WPS, USA. She is also a certified positive discipline parent educator and positive discipline classroom educator.



  • Sanosan Egypt

    Visit Sanosan Egypt: the brand that cares for pregnant women, infants and kids.

  • Sara Aziz

    Sara has a diploma in sexual abuse for children from Denmark University, is a member in the youth committee in the National Council for Women, and is Founder and President of Safe Foundation.

  • Sarah Abdel Salam

    سارة محمد عبد السلام، متزوجة وحاصلة على ماجستير إدارة الأعمال الدولية، عشقت الطبخ وكل ما يتعلق به منذ الصغر وبمرور الوقت حولت هذا العشق إلى مجال للعمل تفوقت فيه وإستحوذ على كل إهتمامها إلى أن أصبحت شريكة في مجلة برام وطاجين للطبخ ومقدمة برامج طبخ ومصورة طعام وكاتبه في أقسام المطبخ بعدة مجلات

  • Georgette Savvides

    A consultant & occupational psychologist, Dr. Georgette Savvides received her professional Doctorate in Psychology with a specialization in Counselling Psychology from The City University, UK and her MSc in Clinical and Public Health Aspects of Addiction from Kings College. She has worked across a realm of psychological conditions including drug and alcohol abuse, addictions, CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy), psychiatric disorders, eating disorders, and child, individual/family and couple counseling. She is founder and co-director of Psychealth Services and Training.

  • Seba Mahmoud Nagy

    صِبا محمود ناجى
    صِبا عاشقة للمطبخ وأصقلت موهبتها بالقراءة والبحث وتحلم بأن تزيد من حب الناس لطعام المنزل ولهذا السبب منذ أكثر من 9 سنوات أسست صفحة
    The Bite of Delight. كما أنشأت أيضا قناة على اليوتيوب تحمل نفس الاسم وتقوم فيها بنشر وصفات تعلمتها وطبقتها لتفيد الأخرين بجزء مما تعلمته
    .ولازالت رحلتها المطبخية مستمرة

  • شيماء الجمال

    Shaymaa El Gammal is a writer & blogger in the field of maternity, and founder of Ana7amel.net. She can be contacted on info@ana7amel.net.

  • شيرين عز الدين

    Sherine Ezzeldin is an experienced Home Management coach who regularly offers workshops and courses dedicated to promoting a healthier lifestyle among Egyptian families.

  • Supermama

    SuperMama is a website for Arab mothers providing information about pregnancy, parenting, recipes, decor, fashion, makeup, relationships and work-life.

  • Tabibi 24/7

    Tabibi 24/7 is the leading pediatric service in Cairo, operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and providing comprehensive pediatric care including sick visits, well-checks and vaccinations. Tabibi 24/7 also offers general and family medicine for adults and pediatric surgery.

  • Vandana Chawla

    Vandana Chawla is a nutrition educator and consultant with over 20 years of work experience in the field of nutrition. She is a certified LEAN coach (USA) & registered nutrionist (UK).

  • Dr. Wendy Manchester Ibrahim

    Dr. Wendy Manchester Ibrahim has a PhD in natural health and nutrition and is a qualified mental health professional. She specializes in assisting individuals, especially women, in creating balanced and healthy lives.

  • YallaYoga

    YallaYoga is an innovative social enterprise serving as both a yoga educational institute, and a healthy lifestyle community center. Their theme is the seven chakras and their space has been designed in a way that awakens each of your chakras through a multitude of colours, sounds and smells. Their mission is to represent the essence of yoga throughout the Middle East and to create a community of humans who strive to make a better version of themselves in their everyday life.

  • ياسمين بليغ

    Yasmine Baligh is a certified professional makeup artist specialized in offering makeup courses to teach ladies how to apply everyday and special events makeup that best suits their face. Working for brides, proms and special events, Yasmine enhances the inner beauty of her clients, making each and every one of them feel glamorous and confident during their special day. Check out her Facebook page!

  • ياسمين ديفوني

    Yasmine is a Nutrition and Health Coach whose rich professional expertise is complemented by a caring, fun and integrative approach to nutrition and wellbeing. Through Healthytude, her nutrition and health coaching business, Yasmine offers a unique transformative experience. Her talent is making her clients’ nutrition needs reachable while helping them identify the life areas they need the most support with– physical, mental and emotional. As a result, her clients reach the healthiest, happiest, and most productive version of themselves. Follow Yasmine’s journey on Instagram and Facebook.

  • Yomna Sameer

    Yomna Sameer is a management consultant and positive psychologist, as well as the founder of Flourish Foundation, a foundation that aims at changing lives and works on life changing strategies and programs for individuals in their daily and corporate lives. The foundation gives great attention to families, schools and children and aims at educating parents and teachers on how to raise happy, confident and optimistic kids. Yomna is currently completing her PHD in Business and Psychology from Kassel University in Germany.

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