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Mother & Child Celebrates Mother’s Day!

Watch how we celebrated Mother's Day with a lucky group moms and select Mother & Child experts!

Life in the Womb: From conception to birth in 4 minutes!

Discover how a child arrives in this world, from conception to birth, in just 4 minutes!

The Amazing Health Benefits of Flax Seeds and Flax Oil

How much do you know about flax seeds? Watch this video!

Facts About Anorexia

Find out more about this eating disorder.

Natural Birth vs Medical Intervention

Most women don't need any medical intervention when giving birth! Find out more in this video.

Foods to Reduce Your Cholesterol Numbers

Wondering what to eat to reduce your cholesterol numbers? Watch this video!

All About Water Birth

Wondering what the big deal is about water birth? Find out in this video!

Single Dads: Talking to Your Teenage Daughter About Puberty

Watch how single dads can discuss puberty with their teenage daughters!
author : Psychealth

How and why to DETOX

 You have probably heard the word DETOX going around! What’s it all about? Certified health coach Dana Dinnawi tells us all about it in this video!