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How to Deal with Bullying Incidents in an Effective Way


If your child hasn’t faced a bullying incident yet, he/she might face it later on. Be ready with the needed answers.  Read More

How to REALLY Listen to Your Teen


Learn about the 5 types of listening to your teen!  Read More

How To Respond When Children Answer Back!


Some suggestions on how to respond when your children answer back!

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Remarrying After Divorce When You Have Children


Remarrying may be more complicated if you have children, however, this shouldn’t stop you. Read these expert tips.  Read More

Parenting in the technology age.. and why kids never listen


Technology connects us with others, but disconnects us from our kids.  Read More

author : Dalia Alam

Facts About Anorexia

Find out more about this eating disorder.

What is a Parent Coach?


Find out if you need a Parent Coach.  Read More

Single Dads: Talking to Your Teenage Daughter About Puberty

Watch how single dads can discuss puberty with their teenage daughters!
author : Psychealth

What If My Child Wants To Be A Musician?


We have to support our children’s dreams, and push them towards their full potential.  Read More

author : Noisebynose