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Date Granola Mix For Sohour!


It’s Ramadan! Make and stock this Date Granola Mix that’s perfect for Sohour!  Read More

Spicy Sweet Potatoes


Sweet potatoes with a twist, worth trying for sure!  Read More

Debunking The Avocado Myth!


It’s time to debunk the avocado myth. Avocados are NOT FATTENING! Learn about their great health benefits.  Read More

Morning Energy Blast Smoothie


No time for breakfast? Try this delicious healthy smoothie!  Read More

Easy Real Fries


Who doesn’t love French fries? Give this popular finger food a healthy twist!  Read More

author : Nour Bahgat

Sweet Potato Fries


These sweet potato fries are super healthy and yummy! Give them a try.  Read More

Baked Lamb Samosa


If Samosa is one of your favorite side dishes, try this no fry recipe!  Read More



A great appetizing eggplant dish!  Read More

Quinoa Stuffed Bell Pepper


An Oriental dish with a healthy twist!  Read More

Spring Frittata


Treat your family to this healthy delight!  Read More