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The Right Way to Clean Your Fruits and Vegetables!


To keep fruits fresh, they are sprayed with a toxic cocktail of pesticides!  Read More

7 Places We Bet You Didn’t Spring Clean But Should Have!


Many places that urgently need a cleaning remain hidden from us!  Read More

Watch Out For Potential Baby Hazards Around Your Home!


Notice some potential hazards that may not be so apparent!  Read More

author : Infomed

Your Baby-Proofing Guide


A baby-proofing guide to ensure that your baby stays safe and happy!  Read More

author : Infomed

Childproof Your Home!


It’s not always easy to predict what might be a cause of danger for your child.  Read More

First Aid for Your Child: Choking


Choking can occur as a result of food mistakenly getting caught in the throat or wind pipe, or in young children as a result of any small object they may put in their mouths.  Read More

First Aid for Your Child: Eye Injury


What do you do if your child’s eyes get in contact with chemicals?  Read More

First Aid for Your Child: Tooth Loss


When a tooth is knocked out, it can be re-implanted if you seek medical care immediately  Read More