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Featured IN Ramadan this year

Date Granola Mix For Sohour!


It’s Ramadan! Make and stock this Date Granola Mix that’s perfect for Sohour!  Read More

8 Helpful Tips For Kids Fasting During Ramadan


Healthy fasting for kids can be quite challenging during the hot summer months, get some tips!  Read More

Fasting Fantastic!


Let’s decode the impact fasting has on you and how to positively embrace it to reap the benefits.
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Fasting in Pregnancy


Pregnant and breast feeding women are exempt from fasting if it poses a health risk.  Read More

Fasting for Fertility


Tips for Ramadan fasting during IVF treatment!  Read More

Ramadan Healing Soup


A soup full of anti-inflammatory ingredients to heal and cleanse your digestive system in Ramadan.  Read More

Diabetes: Ramadan Checklist


Tips on how to manage your diabetes in Ramadan.  Read More

Not Just Another Ramadan Article!


How and why you will positively embrace fasting to reap the benefits.  Read More

5 Apps to Help You Save Time and Energy During Ramadan


5 ways to help you to outsource some of your time consuming tasks!  Read More