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All About Dental Braces!


Who needs dental braces, how does it work and what are the advantages and disadvantages?  Read More

7 Ways to Involve Your Kids This Ramadan


Ramadan is just around the corner! Get your children involved this Ramadan!
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author : Amina Diab

Do It From The Heart: Enabling children to have healthy and happy hearts


Your purposeful purchase could help heal Aliaa and Mohamed’s hearts! Learn more!  Read More

What Can Children And Parents Do To Prevent Cyberbullying?


What is cyberbullying? And what measures can children and parents take against it?  Read More

#ImAgainstBullying: Protecting Children from Cyberbullying


Children need to be taught how to keep themselves informed and engaged online, while keeping safe from cyberbullying.  Read More

My 6 Year Old Daughter Was Diagnosed With Cancer!


Find out how one mother’s perspective on life completely changed when her daughter was diagnosed with cancer.  Read More

Are You Forcing Your Child To Say Hello?


Are you forcing your child to say hello, shake hands, give a kiss or hug to a friend, acquaintance or relative? Read on!  Read More


Getting Dad More Involved with Family!


Try these strategies for a stronger bonded husband and dad!  Read More

Let your Child Know It’s OK to Make Mistakes


Teach your child a healthy approach to dealing with mistakes!  Read More

author : Mai Elwy

5 Important Things To Look For In A Play Area For Your Kids


Here is a quick parent’s guide for choosing a right play area for their tiny tots!  Read More