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Easy Home-made Foul!


Ditch the foul cans – they’re full of preservatives you don’t want to eat.  Read More

Roasted Chicken and Roots with Apricot


Roasted chicken has never been so tasty; give it a try!  Read More


Beef Stir-Fry with Vegetables


This beef stir-fry is easy to prep and you’ll be able to serve within minutes!  Read More

author : Nour Bahgat

Healthy Brown Rice Pasta with Thick Veggie and Meat Sauce


A healthy and yummy brown rice pasta dish that your kids won’t reject!  Read More

Moroccan Meatballs With Couscous


An appetizing traditional dish from Morocco!  Read More


Vietnamese Shrimp With Mango and Avocado Salsa


These grilled, spicy shrimp go perfectly with a mango, avocado, jalapeno and lime salsa.

  Read More




Enjoy a modified healthier version of the popular Lebanese dish!  Read More


Kale and Mushroom Quiche


Enjoy this simple and delightful recipe!  Read More

Chicken Fatta


A popular treat for your loved ones!  Read More


Sweet Potato Shepherd’s Pie


Learn how to prepare this appetizing healthy dish!  Read More