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Getting Dad More Involved with Family!


Try these strategies for a stronger bonded husband and dad!  Read More

Parenting Through a Father’s Eyes


Being a parent is a job that requires constant reevaluation.  Read More

Single Dads: Talking to Your Teenage Daughter About Puberty

Watch how single dads can discuss puberty with their teenage daughters!
author : Psychealth

To Dad With Love


There’s so much a girl can learn from a healthy relationship with her dad.  Read More

Were Our Grandparents Superheroes?


Did you ever wonder how our grandparents managed to raise five or more kids while we suffer raising just one or two kids?  Read More

author : Diana Farid

Psychological Tsunami: The Effects of Domestic Violence


Domestic violence transcends socioeconomic status, affecting all levels of income, education, ethnicity, religion and occupation.  Read More

What’s happening to humanity?


Are we getting older? Or is the world getting uglier? It used to be that we laughed and played and ate ice cream. Now we see images of children being murdered every day.  Read More

New Experiences


“What is this strange thing?” thought Hashem. “I can’t seem to hold it. It slips through my fingers, sticks in my hair and tastes strange. I can’t seem to walk in it without falling over, but it’s a lot of fun!” I’m sure that’s what was going through Hashem’s mind as he played in the sand for the first time in his life last summer.  Read More


Hashem Goes Light-Speed


“Click”… “Click”… “Click”… Our home electric bill has gone up recently. It’s not that we’re using the air conditioners any more than usual. It’s not that we have any new appliances. It’s that Hashem has discovered a new toy.  Read More