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Creating Holiday Family Traditions


What are your family holiday traditions? Share yours whatever holiday or occasion you’re celebrating!  Read More

For The Sake of Our Children!


As adults, our actions and words have a marked effect on our children.  Read More

Getting Over an Affair


People and relationships can and do heal from affairs.  Read More

Towards A Successful School Year


While starting a new school year can be exciting for kids, it can also be a time of worry and concern for parents.  Read More

Back to School…Back to Reality


Today marks the season finale of our time spent on the beach. It’s over.  Read More

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Volunteering: Give a little bit gain a lot


Did you know that giving back enhances six key areas of well-being?  Read More

The Gift of Gratitude


How do we get our kids to focus more on what they have instead of what they want?  Read More

The Impact of The Ramez Galal Show On Children


How in the world are we accepting such a disastrous show?

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Sometimes life is too much of a challenge and seems so unfair. Especially as mothers, as we raise our kids, take care of our homes and try to be good wives, we are so often faced with worries, hardships and disappointments and we wonder why things have to be this way. Originally published in the “Editor’s Letter” of the March 2006 issue of Mother & Child magazine  Read More