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I Won’t Force My Child to Kiss Me, Neither Should You


Don’t insist that your child kiss elderly relatives, hug them or smother them with forced physical affection.  Read More

author : Amina Diab

Mispronunciation in Children: The latest on speech milestones and letter development


Check your child’s speech to see if there is improvement with time.  Read More

author : Amina Diab

3 Questions Every Parent Should Ask Before Losing Their Temper


Ask yourself these 3 questions before choosing the words you’re about to use with your child.  Read More

author : Amina Diab

Don’t Just ‘hear them out,’ Actively LISTEN to Your Children


‘Active listening builds a ‘safe place’ for children to be able to go back to during times of heightened emotions.’
  Read More

author : Amina Diab

Let your Child Know It’s OK to Make Mistakes


Teach your child a healthy approach to dealing with mistakes!  Read More

author : Mai Elwy

How Children Teach Us About Happiness


Children are constantly showing us how to to allow them the happiness they deserve. So let’s just do that!  Read More


8 Tips To Help Your Child Learn a Second Language


Follow these tips to help your child learn a second language easily!  Read More

Remarrying After Divorce When You Have Children


Remarrying may be more complicated if you have children, however, this shouldn’t stop you. Read these expert tips.  Read More