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Are You Forcing Your Child To Say Hello?


Are you forcing your child to say hello, shake hands, give a kiss or hug to a friend, acquaintance or relative? Read on!  Read More


Getting Dad More Involved with Family!


Try these strategies for a stronger bonded husband and dad!  Read More

Let your Child Know It’s OK to Make Mistakes


Teach your child a healthy approach to dealing with mistakes!  Read More

author : Mai Elwy

5 Important Things To Look For In A Play Area For Your Kids


Here is a quick parent’s guide for choosing a right play area for their tiny tots!  Read More

I Won’t Force My Child to Kiss Me, Neither Should You


Don’t insist that your child kiss elderly relatives, hug them or smother them with forced physical affection.  Read More

author : Amina Diab

Mispronunciation in Children: The latest on speech milestones and letter development


Check your child’s speech to see if there is improvement with time.  Read More

author : Amina Diab

3 Questions Every Parent Should Ask Before Losing Their Temper


Ask yourself these 3 questions before choosing the words you’re about to use with your child.  Read More

author : Amina Diab

Don’t Just ‘hear them out,’ Actively LISTEN to Your Children


‘Active listening builds a ‘safe place’ for children to be able to go back to during times of heightened emotions.’
  Read More

author : Amina Diab

How Children Teach Us About Happiness


Children are constantly showing us how to to allow them the happiness they deserve. So let’s just do that!  Read More


8 Tips To Help Your Child Learn a Second Language


Follow these tips to help your child learn a second language easily!  Read More