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No, It’s Not Alright for My Coach to Assault Me


Is it acceptable for sports coaches to mistreat the young athletes?  Read More



Is our hectic/stressful parenting really pushing our kids too far?  Read More

The Nanny Dilemma


When people find out you are having twins, one of the very first suggestions they will give you is “you are going to need a good nanny”. I used to hear it as much as I heard “Congratulations”.  Read More

author : Diana Farid

My Name is Amina and I’m a “Phoneaholic”!!


I have caught myself too often staring at my phone around my kids. I need to disconnect to “reconnect” with my children. Yes, guilty as charged!!!!!
  Read More

Like Mother Like Daughter?


The relationship between a mother and her children is one of the most significant and inspirational relationships a woman has in her life. In this piece, we will sneak a quick peek into the mother-daughter bond.  Read More

11 going on 16


The days pass and the years follow, and suddenly you are facing an 11 year old kid going on 16, and you are wondering how quickly it all went by.  Read More

The Greatest Value!


After much thought I have come to the conclusion that the most important adjective I would like my girls to possess as grown-ups is COMPASSION.  Read More

Married to the House


Such an amazing role should not be reduced to such a demeaning term.  Read More