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4 Ways You Can Help a Child with a Learning Disability


Your care and support are essential to help your child learn and feel confident.  Read More

author : Infomed

My Unique, Interesting and Mysterious Child


Unique minds indeed they are. Autistic children just view and feel things in a different way.  Read More

author : Psychealth

Recognize The True Potential of Your ADD Child


Parents need to know that children with ADD can have special talents, even though they may not be good at exams or competent at a number of subjects in school.  Read More

A Breakthrough for Autism


A true story about a mother healing her child’s autism with homeopathy.  Read More

Speech & Language mini tips: Positive Rewards


Read our tips to ensure the effectiveness of the rewards you use with your child!
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Autism: the early signs


Autism is a complex developmental disability. Find out about the early signs.  Read More

The ADD Secret for Success


Find out more about this condition.  Read More

Children with a Special Smile


Children with Down’s syndrome can become successful with the proper care. Read on to find out more about these special children.  Read More