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8 Steps Towards Transitioning Your Family From The Summer Holidays To School


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Healthy Lunch Ideas For Both You and Your Kids!


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Getting Your Child Emotionally Ready For School


How can you help your child get emotionally ready for this school year?  Read More

author : Amina Diab

How to Help Your Child Stay Organized


Help your child grow independently by following a few simple steps.  Read More

Let’s End LABELS


There is a REASON behind every behavior. Don’t let children’s behavior define them into labels.  Read More

author : Amina Diab

How to Deal with Bullying Incidents in an Effective Way


If your child hasn’t faced a bullying incident yet, he/she might face it later on. Be ready with the needed answers.  Read More

How Food Affects ADHD


A child suffering from malnutrition may be mistakingly diagnosed with ADHD. Find out more!  Read More

author : Heba Anwar

Routine Chart Tips That Work


A routine chart is easy, effective and great for kids of almost any age; try it out!  Read More

Choosing Your Child’s Education System


Take our tips into consideration when choosing between an international or a national education system for your child!  Read More

Healthy School Treat: Nutty Banana Bread Mini Muffins


Your kids will thank you for this healthy school treat!  Read More