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Why Intermittent Fasting Is A Great Way To Get Your Body Ready For Ramadan


Why Intermittent Fasting Is A Great Way To Get Your Body Ready For Ramadan


We’re a few days away from Ramadan.

How about you take advantage of that to transition into a healthy pattern of eating by trying Intermittent Fasting?

More fasting? Yes! Beyond the spiritual essence of Ramadan, fasting comes with many health benefits, both physically and mentally. Most cultures and religions practice a form of fasting during the year.


Anytime that you are not eating, you are intermittently fasting. For example, you may fast between dinner (at 8 pm) and breakfast the next day – (eat it at 10 am or 12 pm), a period of approximately 14-16 hours. The good news is you can drink liquids with no sugar or dairy during the fasting hours. You can slowly work up your fast to 16 hours

Surprisingly, following such a pattern shows significant health benefits. It reduces body weight and body fat since the body goes into fat burning mode after 8-12 hours of your last meal. Your overall calorie consumption is reduced, and by focusing on the right foods when you eat, it increases muscle mass.
Intermittent fasting leads to the consumption of 2 consciously chosen meals a day and thus reduces the mindless snacking – the so-called “ramrama” and improves food choices.

Integrating these suggestions will help ease your body and mind into fasting and reduce withdrawal symptoms that come from the suddenly stopping heavy foods, coffee, and smoking.

Starting intermittent fasting the week before Ramadan will make fasting in Ramadan easier.

Intermittent fasting can easily be adapted to your lifestyle. You can choose to practice intermittent fasting 2-3 times a week or make it a daily habit since there are many variations in the number of fasting hours. It is sure to leave you looking and feeling better!

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