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What Is Skin Brushing?




What Is Skin Brushing?

I cannot say enough about skin brushing. It is easy to do, and your kidneys will thank you for it. You can skin brush in the morning before your shower and at night. Skin brushing supports your lymphatic system, kidneys, and liver, and has been shown to reduce toxins by 25% in the body. You can find skin brushes at Nefertari  and Black Lotus.

How to skin brush:

Skin brush with a dry brush (made for this purpose) before you shower or bathe.
Always brush toward your heart with the flow of the lymphatic fluid.
Start at the soles of your feet and then move up your legs, brushing in a circular motion.
Brush your chest and shoulders toward your heart in long strokes, and then start at the fingertips and brush toward your body. Use small, circular strokes in your armpits.
Move in a circular motion counterclockwise on your stomach to respect the direction of digestion and encourage cleansing.

For a truly indulgent, relaxing experience that will also work to remove toxicity and impurities from your body on a deeper level, once or twice a week follow your skin brushing with an Epsom salt bath.


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Dana Dinnawi

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