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What is a Parent Coach?




What is a Parent Coach?


To be a successful parent today, you need the ability to handle conflicting demands and challenges.

Coaching evolved as a need to act and live in a fulfilling way. It lies on the premise that humans have the capacity to learn how to solve their problems. The coach creates a high quality conversation that gives space for you to reflect, think about the existing challenges, and explore possibilities for moving towards your desired goals and facilitating that process. Effective coaching leads to fulfillment, joy, and a sense of achievement.

Parents tend be judged by others and by themselves. We are sometimes so hard on ourselves that we only see the challenges and the limitations. The Parent Coach is someone who will support and challenge you to see beyond the way things are into how things can be, and get you focused on getting there.

Of course, there is a responsibility on you as a parent to be willing to examine your reality and perspective, and to be open to examining options and determined to try them out.  The coach is there to give you the support you need, but you will be doing the work.

The Parent Coach will teach you how to fish, but you need to practice until you get it right and feed yourself.


How to know if you need a Parent Coach?

Inner doubts and/or external challenges may stop you from effectively performing as a parent, and achieving your potential as a whole person.  Yes you are a mother but you can have something to contribute outside that role. It could be through performing a job that you are passionate about, or through doing an activity that you enjoy; such as exercising, drawing, writing, singing, or even cooking.

Most people feel happy and fulfilled when they achieve their potential and become their own best version. As a parent you have the right to do that. You have a responsibility towards yourself as well as your children. Becoming happy is not a luxury. On the contrary, it is important so that you role model for your children the importance of: doing something you love, enjoying life, and taking care of oneself.

Other signs that may indicate your need for a Parent Coach include:

1. Your child shows low self confidence, withdrawal and lack of personal responsibility. He/she challenges you, doesn’t comply with rules.
2. A tense family atmosphere, power struggles, no appreciation for what you do.
3. You feel guilty, not in control, inconsistent, moving from being overly strict to overly permissive.
Not everything that is faced can be changed. But nothing can be changed until it is faced. – James Baldwin

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