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Tips To Keep The Kids’ Lunchbox Healthy This New School Year


Tips To Keep The Kids’ Lunchbox Healthy This New School Year


With the kids back at school, there’s no better time to get some inspiration on how to keep the kids’ lunchboxes as healthy as possible. Considering that around two-three meals that a child consumes per day are consumed at school, a healthy lunchbox should be high on the priority list for every parent. However, making a healthy, balanced and tasty lunch for the kids doesn’t have to be a struggle for parents.


Here, Banin Shanine, Nutrition Manager at Fitness First, shares her top tips for creating a lunchbox that is not only healthy, but will also creative and that all kids will enjoy.

  • A healthy carb is essential to provide the energy and concentration needed to get through those afternoon classes. Try whole wheat bread, pasta, brown rice or popcorn to keep those energy levels up
  • One serving of fruit to strengthen the immune system and help fight illnesses is a must – this could be anything ranging from a banana, pear, peach, kiwi, grapes, berries or even dried fruits
  • One serving of vegetables (this may be the toughest nutrient to include so try testing in small portions) – smaller vegetables such as baby carrots, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers or broccoli are usually most appealing for kids
  • Milk and dairy products are an important part of a young child’s diet – include full fat milk to provide a high amount of protein and is low in sugar compared to low fat alternatives. Full fat milk is also naturally high in vitamin D which may be lost with low fat varients due to the processing stage
  • Foods high in protein such as cheese, eggs, labneh, turkey and chicken breast are vital for healthy growth
  • Healthy fats, especially for young kids, are needed in their diet to help the brain and nervous system develop normally. These can include healthy raw nuts such as almonds and walnuts or olives
  • Water is the number one drink to complement a healthy lunchbox. Drinking water at a young age is a great habit to get into especially when in such warm weather. Milk or laban are also recommended, as they are both high in calcium and vitamin D. Beware of juices as the sugar content is high and may alter your kids’ concentration

Tips for dealing with fussy eaters:

  • Always remember, your child will never starve themselves
  • Use this time to get them to try new foods – start to add foods that they would not usually eat in very small quantities
  • Involve your child in preparing his/her lunchbox
  • Send some foods that he/she is not familiar with to share with friends – if they see their friends enjoying it, maybe they will too
  • If your child doesn’t like a certain food, try to substitute it with something else, e.g. if they don’t like milk, swap it for yogurt

Food safety is always paramount when preparing a packed lunch:


  • Lunchbox should be an isolated lunch box or double sided
  • Use ice packs or a small frozen water bottle to keep food fresh
  • Wash your hands before preparing your child’s lunch


AvoidReplace with
Croissant / ManakeeshWhole wheat bread sandwiches
Fresh JuiceApple or Banana
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