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The Nanny Dilemma


The Nanny Dilemma

The Nanny Dilemma

When people find out you are having twins, one of the very first suggestions they will give you is “you are going to need a good nanny”. I used to hear it as much as I heard “Congratulations”. Peer pressure can be so powerful, the more people push you to do something, the more you actually start to consider it.  The nanny issue kept lingering at the back of my mind.

Thankfully, I have an amazing supportive mother who took care of me and helped me with my babies for the first 5 months. But after that I felt that it was about time to get back to my normal life and go back to my own home. She was willing to help and support me for as long as I needed but I was longing to experience being a mom on my own without help.

A couple of days after I returned home I realized I needed help; I called my mother and I told her “while I desperately need your help, I also want to live a stable life at my house, take care of my kids and resume normality”. After long discussions, I convinced myself that it was about time to give the nanny experience a try.

My experience was an annoying one to say the least. I hired two sleep-in nannies who worked for two months before I decided to switch to daytime nannies. I just couldn’t take it; I felt they invaded my privacy, interfered in my life, listened over my calls, and even checked what I ate or had in my fridge. It felt like having someone breathing down your neck all the time. .

If you can take care of your own kid(s), don’t hesitate to do it. Get house help, order food from caterers; but when it comes to your kids, don’t let anyone touch them except you.

No matter how much they promise to love your kids and treat them as their own, they can’t. If you can’t take care of your kids fulltime for financial reasons, then seek help from grandparents or try to work part time, make the nanny your very last resort. If you hire one, never leave her alone with your kids. You don’t trust the nanny with your money or gold so how can you trust her with “your most precious possessions”, your kids.


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Diana Farid

Diana is a wife and a mother of twin babies who is inspired by music, nature and daily life interactions. She uses her passion for writing to capture special moments, replace pain with laughter, and inspire others. She is a feature writer for several publications in Egypt and the Gulf; through her Twin Mummy’s Diary she shares her thoughts, experiences and helpful tips as she goes us through the roller coaster ride called motherhood, with its challenges and joys.

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