The Family Experts Network: Who are we?


The Family Experts Network: Who are we?


Egypt’s go-to network of trusted experts, working for social change and dedicated to promoting the wellbeing of families in Egypt on a national scale.

THE FAMILY EXPERTS is a consolidated network of 21 experienced experts across select fields (including maternal and newborn care, parenting, health and wellbeing, nutrition, disabilities/special needs and education) dedicated to promoting the well-being of families in Egypt on a national scale. It is an initiative by THE FAMILY HUB, a one of a kind social enterprise dedicated to delivering knowledge for family wellbeing.  

Over the past 2 and half years the network has collaborated with UNICEF Egypt, MOSS, NCCM, and other entities on projects related to positive parenting and edutainment. The network offers technical consultations, content development, training and advocacy, collaborating on national campaigns, policies and initiatives. Please visit our facebook page and instagram account to see our activities and achievements.

All network members have university degrees and numerous years of experience delivering interactive activities to parents and children, on the ground and online and have worked with numerous local and international organizations, always upholding the network’s values and guiding principles that include commitment, integrity, professionalism and attention to detail.

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