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The Compassionate Parenting Conference: Parents helping parents



The Compassionate Parenting Conference: Parents helping parents


IMPORTANT UPDATE: Compassionate Parents & Coaches are now offering a FREE Online SERIES of Compassionate Parenting “TOGETHERNESS TALKS” starting April 4ᵗʰ till April 11ᵗʰ and covering a variety of ongoing issues faced by parents during the Coronavirus lockdown and how to cope with them. 

We love the novelty of this initiative by a group of 50 parents who took it upon themselves to share their knowledge to other parents going through the toughest job in the world.

Coming from diversified backgrounds; coaching, teaching, counseling, & positive discipline, as well as, business, medicine, banking, tourism & pharmaceutical fields, these 50 parenting coaches felt the urge to spread awareness and reach out to all those around them.

The Compassionate Parenting Conference 2020 is dedicated to helping parents improve the quality of family dynamics by acquiring and infusing some simple tips and techniques that support them to become highly aware and actively involved. The conference will run for one day, on April 4, 2020, starting off with an opening ceremony followed by a number of back-to-back workshops run by the graduates of The Parenting Coaches of Intellect.

This volunteer-based group shares the passion to socially impact their community for a better future, and positively improve the way they parent and build a healthy and balanced generation. They wanted to introduce compassionate parenting and how to deal with all the challenges that parents go through daily, while preparing them for other challenges that may cross their lives in the future.

Parenting Consultant & Coach, Hanan Sabry, will kick off the conference with a keynote speech about “the 14 Keys of Compassionate Parenting”. The conference will then be divided into three sections as follows:

1. Parenting with adversities: such as death, disabilities & single parenting
2. Parenting with challenges: such as bullying, atheism in teens & homosexuality
3. Parenting with addictions/codependency: such as games & drugs

In addition, one-on-one coaching sessions are available by registration.

The Parenting Coaches of Intellect aspire to bridge the gap between parents and children thus improving the emotional and mental well-being of the whole family. They look forward to having every parent attending the conference leave the day feeling empowered and inspired that they can change the world around them even with the slightest adjustment.

We spoke to Lamia Hassanein, about her experience studying at Intellect to become a certified parenting coach by ICF – International Coach Federation, and she said ”Walking out after this parade of knowledge, we all left wide eyes open and built unique convictions that we can make not only our lives but [the lives of] those who surround us better by practicing how to face and handle fears and worries, and arm ourselves and [our] loved ones with knowledge. And this is when the conference idea was born.”

For more information, visit their page.

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