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‘Save Money, Change Diapers: How You Can Save Thousands of Pounds’



‘Save Money, Change Diapers: How You Can Save Thousands of Pounds’

By: Charleen Haynes

Article courtesy of Osana Family Wellness


The news reports gas increases, electricity bill increases, and rises in food costs (as we see each time we check out at the grocery store!), making life in Egypt increasingly more expensive. We can’t help but stress about our daily lives. It seems each time we leave the house the prices have jumped yet again and we don’t know how to calculate our costs for tomorrow. If you have a family it is a constant struggle to supply them with all they need, and we of course have to make sure there is always enough for our children.


A major need for the first three years of a child’s life is diapers. Whether you choose Molfix, Pampers, or Huggies you will use about 8000 diapers in three years! Newborns use about 10-12 diapers in a day, no joke! Older babies use less but then their diapers cost more; you can’t get ahead! Most people say they want their child potty trained by a year and a half but the average age is 3 years old. Factoring all this together means these diapers can cost you anywhere from 15,000-20,000LE total. You will spend and throw away the equivalent of a kindergarten tuition. Seems crazy, right? It is. The big question is, why do so many parents willingly do this? Because most people just don’t know there’s another way, a better way to diaper their child.


Modern cloth diapers are here! They go on and off just like disposables, and the only difference is that you put them in the wash not the trash. By spending about 1,000LE you will have 20 diapers and only have to wash every other day. It depends on your wash routine, as some people use less diapers while others need more. Whatever makes things easier for you is the best choice. Your child can wear these diapers from about 5 kilos all the way until they are potty trained, so there’s no need to buy more (unless you like the different prints available). Also, siblings can share the diapers as they are completely clean after each wash. The money you save from not buying disposable diapers can actually be saved for your child’s education, medical needs, food, and so much more! Your hard earned money will no longer be thrown in the garbage.


Many will argue that the washing is too much work or seems unsanitary. Truth be told, both arguments are false. The old cloth diaper system in the past might have had these problems, but today washing cloth diapers is the same as washing the towels. They go in the washing machine on hot using a diaper safe laundry soap like Persil or Tide, and once they’re washed the hot Egyptian sun will dry and disinfect them for you. You’ll have clean, chemical free diapers ready for your child all the time at a literal fraction of the cost.

Charleen  Haynes is a wife, mother, animal lover and writer who adores chocolate and beaches. She has been living in Egypt for over 15 years trying to take care of her little tribe! 

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