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Pre and Post Natal Care the Right Way



Pre and Post Natal Care the Right Way


Pregnancy, birth, and motherhood are all things that any woman can use a little extra help in getting through. Now that we more often live away from home and our immediate families, and are strapped with busy schedules and busy lives, women don’t get the chance to get in touch with themselves and their new baby outside of doctor’s visits and medical needs and can be left feeling overwhelmed when it comes to the many changes and challenges in caring for their new baby.

There are places and specialists in Cairo to help with a variety of pre and post natal needs, Osana Family Wellness Centre in Maadi being one of them. With the changing landscape of our modern lifestyles, centres like Osana cater to meeting the needs of everyone in the family and offer a one-stop opportunity to not only take care of yourself but also build support and community in a time full of big and exciting changes. They offer a long list of mother and baby care services like:
Doula (childbirth preparation) counseling
Lactation consultation
Pre and post natal massage
Prenatal yoga
Weekly new mom and breastfeeding support groups
Parent and baby classes and workshops
Treatments like homeopathy, physiotherapy, nutrition, and osteopathy

One challenge that new parents face  is lacking a second opinion or logistical support away from the doctor’s office. Doula counseling is when parents meet with a doula, essentially a childbirth preparation counselor, to ask any and all questions, create a birthing plan, communicate with your OBGYN, and offer support before, during and after the birth according to your specific needs and concerns. Think of it as having a knowledgeable and experienced cheerleader on your team to make sure your needs are being met every step of the way.

Services like baby adjustment massage (for correct fetal positioning), pre and post natal massage, physiotherapy, and osteopathy are all designed to be effective and safe for mommy and baby in alleviating aches and pains associated with pregnancy and delivery.

Breastfeeding is also a large concern women face, especially when becoming new moms, that often requires a bit of extra help and know-how. With lactation consultation you can learn how to correctly care for and bond with your baby through breastfeeding from a trained lactation expert. Aside from private lactation consultation sessions, Osana also offers weekly breastfeeding meet ups for news moms that is lead by a lactation counselor.

Additionally, there are classes and courses to attend to aid in childbirth preparation and also for baby development and bonding once your baby is born. Prenatal yoga is recommended for women once they reach their second trimester to encourage deep relaxation, gently build strength and stamina, and also encourage your baby to move into the optimal birthing position. Postnatal yoga is great for getting new moms active and strong after delivery, and can aid in alleviating post-partum depression. Birth preparation workshops are perfect for getting your plans in line and your partner on board with the delivery procedure.

The important thing to know about parenthood is that you’re not alone, and there are many different paths for everyone to journey down that are customized and comfortable for them and their new family. Places like Osana offer an open and safe space for you to explore and ease into this new world without feeling alone or pressured into taking outdated advice from your old aunt Aida.


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