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Parenting in the technology age.. and why kids never listen




Parenting in the technology age.. and why kids never listen

Many parents say our generation is more stressed than our parents’ generation: “Our children are different. They are stubborn; never obey us nor listen to us.”

Guess what the biggest difference is?.….. Technology

When I look at parents at the club or in any outing with their kids, as they swing them or play with them, they are looking at their mobile screen or talking on the phone, not talking to their children, nor looking at them.

When I ask parents to spend quality time with their kids, they say they do.

When they come in the next class, they say “we found out that we spent most of the time taking pictures of them, not looking at them…”


Technology connects us with others, but it disconnects us from the those closest to us… from our children.

Do you know that mobile phones and all other electronic devices take all our concentration and attention?!

Have you ever experienced a situation when you’re talking on the phone or looking at your PC and your child is crying and screaming like hell?


Do you know why?

How do you think your child feels or thinks while you sit beside him un-attentive and fully concentrating on your device?

“You love your mobile more than me.” This is a comment said by a daughter to her mother in one of my classes.

I assure you all kids feel the same, they just don’t say it. They show it in their behavior; in their bad behavior.

Children learn from our behavior and start to spend hours on mobiles and I-pads, not attentive to us nor listening to us.
What can we do about that?

Kids cannot be isolated from the technology. Mobiles and I-pads have become a must nowadays!

We can at least ensure to have “together time” with our kids even for fifteen minutes a day, where we will sit with them without electronic devices (no mobile checking, nor emails).

We can explain to them, not just by lecturing them but through our behavior, that social interaction is more important than electronic devices.

Kids model our behavior, so limiting electronic devices even for a few minutes with them is the best thing we can do to teach them.

The problem with electronic devices is not only in the lack of concentration and attention our kids face while they are fixated on the screen, the problem lies in the activities they miss.

They miss interacting with others and communicating. This affects their social skills negatively.

They miss playing and discovering the world which delays their developmental, thinking and learning capabilities.

Parenting in the technology age is not easy, but we can start with ourselves. Let’s start by unplugging ourselves from the screen and connecting with our children.

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