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Nurture Your Child’s Wellbeing Doing This!



Nurture Your Child’s Wellbeing Doing This!

With the celebration of Mother’s day comes the celebration of a very special bond between mother and child. A bond that means unconditional love, sacrifice, time, energy and food to nurture your child. As a Health Coach, I invite you to celebrate and acknowledge all the effort that goes into being a mum in a not-so traditional way. A Mother plays a crucial role in the well-being of her children. In turn, I invite you to give special attention to and explore the topic of a ‘Healthy Lifestyle’ with your child.

What does that mean and how can you do it?

Chat with your child:

. Exchange what being ‘healthy’ means with your child?

. Talk about sports, the importance of being active and spending time outdoors.

. Talk about making the right food choices. Show them the difference between foods that grow in nature (‘clean foods’) and not in factories.

. Support that by having seasonal, colorful and locally grown foods at home. Serve those on sticks, in funny looking plates; which ever way will make it fun for them to eat.

. Take a trip back to nature. Visit a farm for a fun day out where you can see fruits growing on trees (not on a Styrofoam plate), how animals are kept, the making of fresh milk and cheese etc.

. Children model after their parents. Make sure you are active and practice what you preach. A child will not go outdoors and play sports if they see you sitting on a couch watching TV and eating chips all day.

. Finally, go on a date with your child! Spend one-on-one time, preferably on an activity of their choice. Have fun jumping on a trampoline, sandboarding or whatever else rocks their boat. Why not let the child in you out too?!

Embracing health is no longer a cliché or luxury. It is crucial to you and your child’s wellbeing, now and in the long-run. Children seek knowledge and guidance. They will ‘get it’ and embrace it, especially if it is shared with you. It is the moments spent doing activities, laughing, talking and having fun with your loved ones that stay with you. Why not fuse that with a healthy lifestyle? The results are contagious!


Happy Mother’s day!

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Yasmine Defouni

Yasmine is a Nutrition and Health Coach whose rich professional expertise is complemented by a caring, fun and integrative approach to nutrition and wellbeing. Through Healthytude, her nutrition and health coaching business, Yasmine offers a unique transformative experience. Her talent is making her clients’ nutrition needs reachable while helping them identify the life areas they need the most support with– physical, mental and emotional. As a result, her clients reach the healthiest, happiest, and most productive version of themselves. Follow Yasmine’s journey on Instagram and Facebook.

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