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Merits of Vinegar




Merits of Vinegar

Recently, I have come to discover the merits of having vinegar around the house. It is not only useful for making salad dressing as you may think; vinegar is a magical solution lying inside our kitchen cabinets. It is very beneficial for a multitude of tasks around the house; below are some of the things that I have tried myself but there are tens of other uses:

1- Wash veggies and fruits:

Vinegar is effective in removing bacteria and pesticide residues from fruits and vegetables. You only need to add some vinegar to the water you are using to wash your fruits and veggies. Some people suggest mixing a ¼ vinegar and ¾ water in a water bottle and spraying the fruits and veggies before rinsing with water only.

2- Get rid of that sticky glue:

If you accidentally glue things together or have a sticky label on a product that you want to get rid of, you can use vinegar as a solvent to dissolve the adhesive power of glue.

3- Overcome carpet stains:

You can use a mix of water and vinegar to get rid of some carpet stains. You can also wipe the carpets using a clean broom dipped in vinegar and water to look shinier and as good as new.

4- Say goodbye to sticky scissors blades:

If your scissors blades get sticky, don’t wash them with water as this will rust the blades but rather wipe the stickiness off using a cloth dipped in strong white vinegar.

5- Clean and deodorize your toilet bowl:

Pour white vinegar into it, let it stand for five minutes, then flush. Spray stubborn stains with white vinegar, and then scrub vigorously.

6- Add shine to your hair:

Add 1 tablespoon of vinegar to one cup of water while rinsing your hair to get that nice shine.

7- Get rid of bad odor inside your freezer:

If you have bad odors in the fridge, wipe it using a solution that is equally water and vinegar then leave it to dry.

8- Clean shower heads from mineral residues:

Remove the shower head, put it in a sealed plastic bag with ½ cup of warm vinegar and leave it for one hour. Rinse, wipe and put it back; it will look as good as new.

9- Wipe off wax or polish build up:

You can use a mixture of equal vinegar and equal water on a cloth to wipe off whatever you want.

10- Dissolve rust:

If you have old rusty tools, you only have to soak them in vinegar for few days and you will notice the rust disappearing.

11- Brighten up coffee cups and teacups:

Some people wrongly clean those using water and chlorine but it has been proven very dangerous. The safer option is to use a mix of half salt and half vinegar and use it to scrub the stains.

12- Whiten your teeth (this one I have not tried myself):

Brush your teeth once a week with white distilled vinegar. Dip your toothbrush into the vinegar and brush thoroughly. It will help prevent bad breath, too.

13- Freshen fabrics:

Fill a spray bottle with white vinegar and spritz your home to neutralize odors in fabrics, carpets, shoes or any sprayable surface.

14- Eliminate dandruff (this one I have not tried myself):

If your scalp is feeling dry or flaky, vinegar can be a simple at-home remedy. Once a week, pour one cup of apple cider vinegar over your scalp, and let it sit for 15 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with cool water.

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