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How to Choose Your Foundation Color?




How to Choose Your Foundation Color?

I know many of you can get overwhelmed by the salesperson at the cosmetics store when you decide to buy a suitable face foundation. He/she may even try to sell you an unjustifiably expensive brand to increase their commission, even if the color doesn’t match your skin. It’s about time to head to the store equipped with all the information you need to know about choosing the correct face foundation that suits you.

First of all, the best place to check the tone color is the part of your face that’s in front of your ear and above your jaw line as that is usually a part that’s not directed to sun light like the rest of the face. Please stop trying the foundation color on the back of your hands to check if it suits you or not; your face has a different tone color.

Secondly, the foundation color should as much as possible match your skin tone color, and not be darker or lighter. Keep in mind that the more yellowish your natural skin tone color is, the peachier the color of your foundation should be. And the more pinkish your skin color, the more beige it should be.

Thirdly, there are two types of liquid foundations: light-weighted and thick-weighted, depending on the desired coverage range. If your face is clear with no freckles or dark spots that you want to cover, always go for the light foundation. It will give your face a nice tone color and fresh-looking skin. For an effective full coverage of all facial imperfections, the thicker the foundation leaves your face flawlessly attractive with no dark or red spots. The only problem with thick-weighted foundation is that it really shows every minute wrinkle on your face, so it’s not advisable for older age groups.

Finally, when you’ve reached the best available choice that suits you, apply foundation to the whole face evenly, including the neck area.

I hope you have found this article useful in helping you decide what type of foundation to buy.

Stay tuned for more tips :)

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